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A short history of Australia Taiwanese Community慘澹經營的簡短歷史:

14/6/2015 Australia Taiwanese Community MEL was founded in Melbourne by an Aussie lawyer Michael. He travelled & learnt mandarin in Taiwan for 8 months. Our first meetup was Language Exchange of English & mandarin and there’s only 3 participants.創辦人是一個曾到台灣學習過中文和旅行的澳洲律師麥可,第一個活動是只有三人參與的中/英語言交換.

28/6/2016 the first regular event of Australia Taiwanese Community MEL-Weekly Boardgame Night began at Marche Boardgame Café.我們第一個每周固定活動桌游之夜在墨爾本Marche桌游餐廳開始.

8/2017 Australia Taiwanese Community TPE- was started.台北分支開始.

6/5/2018 the first regular event of Australia Taiwanese Community TPE-Monthly Brunch began.台北第一個每月固定活動早午餐開始.

We’re aim to achieve the connections between Australia & Taiwan. Also,to help foreigners who lives in/travel through both countries,and help locals to practicing their mandarin/English. PLS leave messages if you have any questions/enquiry.我們希望能幫到在澳/台的游子/旅人,歡迎留言/毛遂自薦,別害羞.

MEL-https://www.meetup.com/AustraliaTaiwaneseCo... (https://www.meetup.com/AustraliaTaiwaneseCommunityMEL/)

Dear cuties/hotties,

Thanx for join this group and I am truly appreciate those who keep supporting/helped our activities.
I have to declare something here briefly:
1. nationalities/appearances don't matters.
2. Meetup isn't free services.
3. PLEASE do not RSVP like you're obsessed with clicking button lol.
4. What will you get from here? Honestly, I don't know. This is not where you can earn quick/save money definitely;

Consequently, this is NOT charity and please feel free to quit if anyone unhappy with the group. Don't feel hesitate to ask questions, and everyone is welcome to find true friends. Wish you have a wonderful 2019.
Happy New Year & have FUN!!!


2.Meetup是要收費­的,版主都會­被收$(不然它­吃啥 \_(ツ)_/­).
4.能得到什麼­?坦白說,我不­知道ㄝ.肯定­不是會讓你­發大財/省錢­的好地方 \_(ツ)_/;

總之, 版主我們不­是慈善事業­,不開心也歡­迎自行退出­,不要覺得拍­謝;不要害羞­問題,歡迎所­有同好,祝大­家2019年都平安­順心.

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Taiwan Language Exchange Discussion Group: Mandarin & English中英語言交換

Taiwan Language Exchange Discussion:Mandarin & English 中英語言互相練習 *Mandarin Chinese/English discussion group for people who'd like to practice Mandarin Chinese or English. 本活動適合想練沒地方/沒對象練的人。 *We typically read a short article – usually relating to Taiwan – in Chinese (Traditional with Zhuyin and Simplified with Hanyu Pinyin provided) and discuss it in Mandarin and English. Other times, we play a game or watch and chat about videos. In ATC-TPE,we will translate something together each time,like menu/tele company brochures..etc.. 通常我們會每人每次給一小段落台灣相關話題討論,內容會標示繁中&簡中,盡量做到中英文各一小時討論時間;有些時候,也會使用桌游或是影音輔助討論。台灣分部,我們每次都會一同完成某些翻譯工作,例如菜單/電信公司目錄等等。 *We aim for around half Mandarin and half English. 我們期望能把時間控制在一半中文一半英文的狀態,很難但我們盡力做到。 *If you are an attendee of this group and want to be added to our LINE group, please let us know :) 如果要加Line群請告知。 *While beginners are welcome to come along and listen, this group typically uses native (Taiwanese) Chinese texts and is not well-suited for learning the basics of Mandarin/Chinese. 第一次的人不要害羞,也歡迎你們來聽來講;基本上不太適合對中英文完全沒基礎的人。

cycling trip towards Fuguijiao 騎車到富貴角

Dadaocheng Pier Plaza

Cycling trip towards Fuguijiao 騎車到富貴角 Our overall trip will be guided by Kevin Lin: Dadaocheng Bike Rental Station-National Palace Museum-Wanli-Fuguijiao-Tamsui MRT Station; we strongly recommend you to rent a proper bike from the city(non-UBike). 本次路線由專業凱文帶領:大稻埕租車站-故宮-萬里-富貴角-淡水捷運站;由於本次路線較多元,因此我們強烈建議各位在市區租借適合的自行車(非UBike). This is not suitable for speedy racing ppl;ppl of both mentally & physically healthy are welcome.*PLS bring cash,proper bike,water bottle,helmet,waterproof/windproof jacket/gloves,and dress appropriately! 全日騎車活動不適合快速騎行者,歡迎身心靈健康全人類.*請自備:現金,自行車,水壺,安全帽,防風/水外套/手套,請著便裝! Where to rent a bike? Please see the uploaded img. *Rent a bike from UKan bike station: 1-foreigners:passport/PR or pay $2000 refundable bond. 2-local/Taiwan passport:passport/ID/student card/health insurance card/driving license or pay $2000 refundable bond. 3-proper bike: maximum $340/day. 4-bikes can be return to different stations. 哪裡可以租車? 請查看已上傳的台北市河濱自行車租借站. *租車需要: 1-外國人:護照/居留證,或是付$2000台幣可退還押金; 2-本國人/華僑:護照/身分證/學生證/健保卡/駕照,或付$2000可退還押金. 3-可變速自行車:最貴$340/天. 4-自行車可以甲借乙還.

2019 Australia Day and Waitangi Day Celebration澳洲&紐西蘭國慶慶祝活動

2019 Australia Day and Waitangi Day Celebrationl 澳洲&紐西蘭國慶日慶祝活動 byANZCham由台北市澳洲紐西蘭商會主辦 About Australia Day 26th Jan,關於澳洲國慶日1月26日: https://www.australiaday.org.au/about-australia-day/history/ About Waitangi Day 6th Feb,關於紐西蘭國慶日2月6日: https://nzhistory.govt.nz/politics/treaty/waitangi-day About this event關於本活動- when:SUN,11:45am-3:30pm,27th Jan 2019 時間:2019年1月27日周日上午11:45至下午3:30 where:Cocoon Bar,Grand Mayfull Hotel 哪裡:內湖美福飯店池畔酒吧 address:No.55, Lequn 2nd Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei 10462, Taiwan 地址:台灣台北市中山區樂群二路55號(大直) entry:ANZCham members $1200,Non-members$1500,Kids under 12$500/pp 費用:商會會員$1200,非會員$1500,未滿12歲小童$500 dress code:any national colours/dresses of Australia & New Zealand 穿著:請穿著澳洲及紐西蘭國家代表色/國家特色服裝 national colours-Australia:green,yellow,golden;New Zealand:black,white,silver,red 國家代表色-澳洲:綠色,黃色,金色;紐西蘭:黑色,白色,銀色,紅色 PLS register via the link請透過下列網址報名: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1foGSrIOrBtf-xI6UFFEvXAg6XWDcd1QY-ZRJgUgwGJY/viewform?edit_requested=true This event is host & organised by ANZCham 本活動由台北市澳洲紐西蘭商會主辦

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