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Blockchain and Healthcare: Marathon or Sprint

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Impatient to see evolved healthcare system solutions has driven many to seek out new technologies, including blockchain to solve for some of the wicked healthcare problems. Yet questions of how soon such technologies can be rolled out, and where to start, continue to plague us entrepreneurs.

This evening, with our speakers Dr Michael Bainbridge and Michael Hoegen we will explore some of the following questions:

• How do we explore blockchain solutions in healthcare?

• Where will it go?

• How fast can we move?

• What are the latest advances in blockchain?

• How are the use cases in healthcare evolving?

• Where are the likely winners going to come from?

• Is the technology ready for the regulation, privacy, and complexity of healthcare?

Michael Hoegen, our first speaker, is an information security consultant and CSO of a startup. With special interest in secure protocols, identity management, and cryptography, he'll cover the security requirements of handling health related information on the blockchain. By comparing different blockchains, technologies, and algorithms, Michael will hopefully separate the facts from the unknowns. With so many blockchains, different technologies, and confusing terminology, let's delve into the details. In addition, Michael will cover the privacy requirements related to health data.

Our second part of the evening will me Dr Michael Bainbridge. He will talk on "Foundations for the future of health records - where does blockchain fit?"

Dr Michael Bainbridge is a GP by trade. He has devoted his career to clinical informatics. He has designed clinical software systems and hardware while also delivering Global Usability, User Interface and terminology standards. He believes the clinical community deserves better interoperable systems to support high quality and safe care and he wants you to build them.

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