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We host games nights and circling events. During games night we have inter-relational games where we are challenged to bring forward something deeper in ourselves to our interaction with others. The goal is to be more present, more authentic, to discover other people, and to discover ourselves. We create a safe container at our events where honoring each other and ourselves is the top priority. After that we encourage everyone to play full out and lean in to their edge. Circling, our other main meeting type, is a deeper practice of discovering someone's world with curiosity and acceptance and possibly help them uncover relational blindspots. In Circling, we gather in small groups with one or two facilitators each and be incredibly present and in the moment with each other. We reveal the unsaid currents present in the room, we share impact, and we hold space for each other to be as we are.

"The concept of exertion, one of the six paramitas— or instructions on wholesome behavior— means going beyond resistance or complacency to find something more expansive and wonderful on the other side." -- Charlotte Kasl, "If the Buddha Married"

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Organic Circling: combo of Discussion and Circling depending on experience level

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What is Circling? Here are some of the basics as I have learned them. Circling is about being present as your authentic self. It’s about being present with your body, emotions, Parts, stories / projections / assumptions (what you think is going on with others,) and impact (what comes up for you in response to others.) It’s about connecting with others on what is really going on with you. It’s about being impacted by others and sharing that impact. It’s about being present in the actual living moment.

Organic Circling (virtual for now, planning on in-person): we’ll have some combination of Discussion and Circling depending on who shows up and experience levels.

Here are some Tools you may want to try out (or not):

Some things you may want to consider talking about (or not):

  • What emotions are alive in you at the moment?
  • What body sensations are you experiencing at the moment?
  • What stories / projections / assumptions are coming up for you at the moment?
  • Would you like to check any of your stories with others in the Circle?
  • What’s happening with your “Parts”?
  • What’s coming up for you in response to others in the Circle at the moment?

Some sentence stems you may want to try out (or not):

  • I’m noticing _____.
  • I’m curious about _____.
  • What I’m hearing you say is _____. Is that accurate?
  • What I think I see is _____ and I want to check that with you. Is that accurate?
  • When you said _____ I felt _____.

Some additional context:

I’ve been taking part in online Circling since August 2021. I have found the practice to be transformative. I’m feeling a desire to start taking some steps to expand my practice from online Circling to in-person Circling. That’s what these events are about. I’d like to start these Circle events with some activities familiar to me and expand out from there. I am most familiar with what I have learned of as “Organic Circling.” In Organic Circling, we begin with a brief check-in, open the Circle, connect with ourselves and each other, and then conclude with a brief checkout. My current thoughts are to start with some small online circling events and then over time start expanding out into some in-person Circles. I’m thinking of keeping the initial Circles small, perhaps around 4-5 people per Circle, and then see what develops from there.

I have found that there have been values which have seemed to be shared by people I have circled with. These values include safety, security, stability, and giving and receiving support, validation, and empathy. I have found these values to be important to me in my life and in circling.

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