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We host games nights and circling events. During games night we have inter-relational games where we are challenged to bring forward something deeper in ourselves to our interaction with others. The goal is to be more present, more authentic, to discover other people, and to discover ourselves. We create a safe container at our events where honoring each other and ourselves is the top priority. After that we encourage everyone to play full out and lean in to their edge. Circling, our other main meeting type, is a deeper practice of discovering someone's world with curiosity and acceptance and possibly help them uncover relational blindspots. In Circling, we gather in small groups with one or two facilitators each and be incredibly present and in the moment with each other. We reveal the unsaid currents present in the room, we share impact, and we hold space for each other to be as we are.

"The concept of exertion, one of the six paramitas— or instructions on wholesome behavior— means going beyond resistance or complacency to find something more expansive and wonderful on the other side." -- Charlotte Kasl, "If the Buddha Married"

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Private Location in Plaza Midwood

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Private Location in Plaza Midwood

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