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What we’re about

Authentic DC is a space where you can discover how much richer and more thrilling it is to BE YOURSELF. Inspired by Authentic World in SF, we create events that help us connect more deeply with ourselves and each other.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you found yourself hanging on their every word? Your heart is wide open, your eyes filled with tears, and the goofiest smile you’ve ever pulled is on your face?

DC’s Authentic Game Nights and Circling Events, hosted by Authentic DC, are designed to give you that same experience with people you’ve never met before. Authentic DC is inspired by the Game Nights and Circling events held in San Francisco by AuthenticWorld.

The purpose of the community is to allow people to feel relaxed, open and inspired with other people who are tired of the same old boring encounters with “new people”. Sometimes loud, sometimes intensely quiet, sometimes risky. Always fun and revealing. We are tapping Authentic World for fun and engaging games that we can play ourselves.


* Imagine a fun playground where you can practice the art of relating with others but in a fun, social atmosphere. They are safe places for taking risks and playing a little more outside our comfort zones and the discovering more about ourselves than we might in our everyday lives.

* By "authentic" we mean that there is no cookie-cutter mold for how you should be or what relating should look like. Everyone is a complete universe unto themselves, has a unique style, personality, and integrity that is perfectly *them*, and everyone is perfect and amazing as they are (including their belief that they aren’t.)

* They’re also a chance to have fun and party in a conscious way with great people, going beyond small talk and expected social norms.

* All this is within a light-hearted container which is safe for getting real, taking emotional risks, and personal growth.

* Things to expect: laughter, relief, anxiety/excitement (and the wisdom to know the difference), reverence, love and connection, new friends, and new possibilities for how you engage the world

* These are fun, highly interactive activities done in both groups and with partners. WHO COMES TO THESE EVENTS?

* All are welcome. Men and women, singles or not, are welcome to enjoy an evening with us while cultivating a deeper understanding of yourselves and what’s possible in your relationships.

* You want the opportunity to experience an open-hearted space where people get to “cut through the superficial” and be truly themselves without apology for an evening.

* You enjoy exciting, fun and very juicy social evenings with lots of laughs, plenty of insights, and sometimes sparks flying!

* You are looking for a real, authentic connection with new people and are prepared to take a risk to try something NEW.