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We're about deepening connection and uncovering ourselves in relation to others. We offer our events in English with French translations available.


Nous offrons une traduction en français lors de tous les événements, à moins d'indication contraire.

Les objectifs du groupe sont d’approfondir la connexion et se révéler en relation avec les autres. Nous organisons des soirées de jeux durant lesquelles nous nous mettons au défi de dévoiler plus de profondeur dans nos interactions avec les autres. L’objectif est d’être plus présent, authentique, de se découvrir soi-même et de découvrir les autres. Nous créons un espace sécuritaire où se respecter pleinement soi-même et les autres est une priorité. Nous encourageons chacun à s’engager pleinement et à élargir sa zone de confort.

Le “circling”, notre seconde activité, est une pratique qui vise à découvrir l’univers d’une personne avec curiosité et bienveillance et possiblement révéler des espaces intérieurs, thèmes ou dynamiques relationnelles qui sont importantes mais qui ne sont pas conscientes. Nous formons de petits groupes guidés par un ou deux facilitateurs et encourageons une présence entière, ancrée dans le moment présent. Nous révélons les non-dits (émotions, pensées...), partageons l’impact des interactions, dans un espace sécuritaire dans lequel chacun peut être reçu tel qu’il est.


We host games nights and circling events. During games night we have inter-relational games where we are challenged to bring forward something deeper in ourselves to our interaction with others. The goal is to be more present, more authentic, to discover other people, and to discover ourselves. We create a safe container at our events where honoring each other and ourselves is the top priority. After that we encourage everyone to play full out and lean in to their edge.

Circling, our other main meeting type, is a deeper practice of discovering someone's world with curiosity and acceptance and possibly help them uncover relational blindspots. In Circling, we gather in small groups with one or two facilitators each and be incredibly present and in the moment with each other. We reveal the unsaid currents present in the room, we share impact, and we hold space for each other to be as we are.

"The concept of exertion, one of the six paramitas— or instructions on wholesome behavior— means going beyond resistance or complacency to find something more expansive and wonderful on the other side." -- Charlotte Kasl, "If the Buddha Married"


Authentic Montreal (http://authenticmontreal.ca) - blog and information about Authentic Relating and Circling.

Circling and Authentic Relating Practice Guide (http://circlingguide.com) - free book on circling and AR.

NVC Communicator (http://www.nvccommunicator.com) - an online tool for nonviolent communication.

People and Related Organizations

Jason Zwolak (http://jason.zwolak.org) - co-founder of Authentic Montreal, AR facilitator, and coach.

Solomon Krueger (https://www.flowlandmontreal.com/) - Solomon is a co-organizer of Authentic Montreal, facilitator, host of the weekly Games Nights, and founder of Flowland Creations (https://www.flowlandmontreal.com/), which offers inspired events, retreats and personalized services to amplify the fullness of your life.

Sara Ness and AuthRev (https://www.authrev.com) - global leader in Authentic Relating, facilitator of workshops and trainings.

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**** THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ONLINE USING ZOOM APP ***** This public event is open to all. Link to event - https://zoom.us/j/101582570 Practice vulnerability, honesty, and listening. Explore new ways of interacting and being with other people .... all from the comfort of your home! At Games Night you can expect opportunities to lean in to your edge in a social context and a facilitated environment. We have created relational games where you can find and explore the edge between "playing it safe" and showing up fully. The goal is to dissolve old patterns of behaviour that don't serve us, to connect more authentically, and to release ourselves from fear while honouring ourselves. Please have the Zoom App (https://zoom.us/download) downloaded and audio and video working. You will be able to join the room a few minutes before 7:00pm to get settled and technical issues worked out. The event will start promptly at 7:00 pm at which point, the room will be closed and locked, so please plan accordingly. Authentic Montreal is in a learning phase of transitioning events online so please be patient with us and each other as we learn together to navigate authentic connection with the help of technology. The event is free.

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