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Authentic Relating Mississauga is a rapidly growing community dedicated to bringing more authenticity, openness, and connection to the city, and the world at large.

Come experience a different way of relating—one that creates deeper and richer connections.

Authentic Relating can mean
- there's no right way (no cookie-cutter mould) that relating is supposed to be.
- simply showing up with the intention to drop trying to come off a certain way.
- celebrating whatever arises
- letting ourselves mess it up
- intending to cultivate even just 1% more connection, transparency, and aliveness in our interactions

Within that, we remind ourselves that trying to be authentic all the time is (ironically) inauthentic to our true nature. ;)

Use this group to stay up to date with future relating-games nights and similar happenings in downtown Toronto. Once you attend a relating games (or other public Meetup event), we will invite you to join our private email list and Facebook group for information about Circling, t-groups, do-what-you-want parties, and other community events.

- Joanna & Taylor

PS: I put "Authentic" in quotes to emphasize this isn't about showing up a certain way. In fact, it's the exact opposite.


----Games Night Details:--------

How often do say what you really mean? Do you have the experience of being seen as much as you'd like?

Come enjoy a casual evening with old and new friends as we play a variety of relational games that involve exploring someone else's world and speaking your truth. Connect with like-minded men and women interested in having fun with curiosity, self-discovery, and saying what we actually mean.

We will try to hold a safe space so you can feel at ease in this sometimes foreign territory. You will be invited to explore the edges of what you think you can possibly know about yourself, others, and what is possible in relating. Of course, you won't have to do/say anything you don't want to. Remember—like in yoga—stretch, don't tear ;) .

This is conscious nightlife, not a workshop. Come ready to have fun and experiment, and always honour yourself.

"Things to expect: laughter, relief, anxiety/excitement, (and the wisdom to know the difference), reverence, love and connection, new friends, and new possibilities for how you engage the world." - [taken from an Authentic World games night event page]




----Circling Details:-----

"In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen. Really seen.” – Dr. Brené Brown Circling is an organic, in-the-moment interpersonal process that’s equal parts art form, meditation, and group conversation — all designed to allow a visceral experience of connection and understanding of another person’s world, celebrating who and where they are right now. It’s practicing using our genuine curiosity to better understand and become a connoisseur of another person’s world though present moment awareness while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other. Different than sitting on a meditation cushion by yourself, Circling is a relational practice. And though it works exquisitely in intimate relationships of all kinds, it can be applied in ALL areas of life because it’s so organic, non-analytical, effective, and fun. Here’s more about Circling, from Bryan Bayer and Decker Cunov, founders of AuthenticWorld: The purpose of Circling is twofold… 1. Circling uncovers our “relational blind spots”—the places where we push away the depth of connection and intimacy that’s possible, whether we’re: In a relationship and want to deepen with our partner…

Single, and looking to attract someone to explore deeper connection with…

Looking for deeper connection with ANYONE — family, friends, prospective clients…

2. The experience of “Being Seen” for who we authentically are is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human beings…and Circling teaches us exactly that — how to see and celebrate each person for the unique flavor they bring to the world. Through this in-the-moment process, we have more choice about how we respond. The more we are aware of our blinds spots, the greater our choice in any situation. The greater our choice, the greater our degree of relational freedom.

-----T-Group Details-------

“T”-Group: Training Group, or Sensitivity Training Group.

Are you longing to have authentic, meaningful and intimate relating experiences?

Do you want to hone your self-awareness and interaction skills?

WHAT IS "T" Group?: The spirit of the game is to get curious about the emotional impact you have on others and vice versa, notice what is arising in each moment, minimizing distractions like opinions, stories, past tense and defensiveness. There is no agenda and no task, nothing to do and nothing to talk about except what is going on in the group. It is an opportunity for the members to examine their own internal processes when in a social situation and also to examine the processes of the group. With the task and agenda absent, those processes may be examined in the clear.

"T" Group is: a relational practice (for a specific, in-the-moment kind of relating), meditation (being with whatever may arise), stubbornly committed to the present moment, sometimes pretty intense and uniquely different every single time.

"T" Group is not: therapy or a bitch session (negative emotions are welcome, but you agree to care about the impact your speaking has on others).

T-Group makes an excellent compliment to Circling.

----Do What You Want Party Details:------

DWYW Parties are by invitation only, for those who have already been to some of our events.

Anything goes, within the rules: Do what you want to do. If you want help, ask someone.

Don't do anything you don't want to do. Say "no" to any request you don't want to fulfill.

No shaming, judging, ridicule, etc.

Clean it up (with people too) before you leave

Honour each other (ie. ask to touch, and no violence) and honour the space (ie. don't break or steal my shit).

No smoke indoors

Take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your actions and words.

Respect the landlord (ie. no screaming)

That's it!

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