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World’s Largest Eye Contact Experiment 2018: Philadelphia
LET YOUR EYES SHOW THE WORLD YOU CARE It's Human Connection time in Philadelphia and around the globe! 🔅Let's engage the community in a moment of meaningful human connection. 🔅Let's slow down together and remember the truth of who we really are. 🔅Let's share a minute of eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity. It is only through heart centered connection with others that we can perceive ourselves as one with the whole universe. Connection and the feelings of belonging can blur out the borders, remove stereotypes, prejudices and create a world full of love and care. THE GLOBAL MOVEMENT This is the 4th edition of "The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment" coordinated by the Peace and Human Connection Organization called The Liberators International. To learn more about this global community building event and the dedicated peace activists and organizers please visit: Last year over 350 cities around the world participated in this powerful connection revolution. The Liberation International Team Organizers have gathered footage from all the many events across the globe. Watch the beautiful videos here: 2017 Video 2016 Video 2015 Video First Eye Contact Experiment HOW THE PHILLY EVENT WORKS The idea is simple: 1. We will have clear signs to find us, stop by anytime (you're welcome to bring something to sit on). 2. Check in with a guide to coordinate a spot, then sit down comfortably in front of someone for 1, 5, 10 minutes or more (bells will sound at each time) for as long as each of you would like 3. When one of you rises you're welcome to go to another, stay seated and allow another to come to you, or step out of the eye-gazing space 4. Integrate the experience through reflection and feel free to share with others Eyes do more than seek, they also speak. ~ A. D. Williams Allow yourself to truly see and be seen. Calmly look into the eyes of the person in front of you and allow your eyes to do the talking. Experience for yourselves the profound and powerful connection that can be created with just one minute of eye contact. WHEN AND WHERE The Philly event will take place from 2-6pm at the bottom of the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. WHAT SHOULD I BRING Feel free to bring a mat, pillows, blankets a folding chair or any other creative way you want to share your special connection moment.

Rocky Steps

2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy The Art Museum · Philadelphia

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