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What we’re about

Authentic Relating and the Original Circling® Approach

Do you crave:
-More fulfilling relationships?
-Conscious & loving community?
-To feel more alive?

Come play, experience and integrate practical skills to:
-Create deep, intimate connections
-Transform ordinary surface conversations into juicy, heart opening, enlightening explorations for personal insights and healing
-Become more present and comfortable in your own skin
-Uncover our “relational blind spots” where we push away the depth of connection and intimacy that’s possible
-Practice listening to someone’s soul essence like a people whisperer
-“Get someone’s world” like a Jedi master
-Tap into the power of your vulnerability that has you more lovable
-Be understood, appreciated and celebrated for the essence of who you are
-Create more love, connection and community in your life and the world

Join us for an evening of authentic relating, practicing profoundly unique skills like getting someone's world (deep empathy), sharing impact (honesty and vulnerability), and speaking the moment (courage, insight, shared reality, making connection more important than content). This work has been powerful and deeply nourishing for me and I'd love to share it with you. I’ve never seen a practice more adept at melting the distance between two hearts.
~ Jon Cotton

What does the Original Circling Approach look like in terms of format?
A group of 4-10 people sit in a circle and put their attention primarily on one person, and, with the help of a facilitator, notice what it's like being with this person moment by moment, share impact and observations, and co-explore what that person’s experience and world is like, essentially getting into deep relationship with what is most true and alive for that person. A typical evening includes introductions, an exercise to practice authentic relating and 2 rounds of circling - each approximately 30-35 minutes in length.

The experience of “being seen” for who we authentically are is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human beings, and the Original Circling Approach teaches us exactly that­ how to see and celebrate each person for the unique flavor they bring to the world.

We don’t give advice or try to fix anyone. Rather, we welcome and stay with “what is”, so we can relax into the truth of our experience, feel supported and know we are not alone.

“Circling is to get in a deep relationship with what is.”
- Guy Sengstock, Founder of the Original Circling Approach

For deeper understanding, check out
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and/or call Jon Cotton, 510-653-3473 for more information.

Cost: $20

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