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Authentic Self empowers individuals to discover, focus and act on what is most important.

At the core of cultivating meaning and purpose in our lives is first discovering what is most important to us. Second, is choosing to support those important endeavours, relationships and values rather than suppressing our natural inclinations out of fear or habit. Taking this direction, we begin to intentionally reconfigure our world. Little by little, and with every choice we make, we cultivate a new perspective on the world and our place in it. In this way, a more authentic version of ourselves emerges.

The Authentic Self program was developed to assist individuals in making important life transitions. In our experience, an effective transitional period happens when a former value and belief system that no longer serves you is replaced with one that is more authentic and aligns with a deeper personal truth. As an organization we help facilitate this delicate and important process of personal transformation and cultivation of well-being.

If you are into creating more meaning, wellbeing and authenticity this group is for you.

During these regular meet-ups:
Brief Exercise (7-15min),
Brief Meditation (15min)
Discuss personal work with the Authentic self Workbook (30min)
Hear from a health, wellness or life planning professional. (30min+)

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Intentional Living Group

1124 Hermosa Ave

Authentic Self Kickoff

1124 Hermosa Ave

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