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When: Every Thursday, Time: 8.00 - 9.00 pm Cost: free Language: English Where: Buddha Meditation Center GTA - 11175 Kennedy Rd. Markham L6P 1P2 For more information: This is a great opportunity to have peaceful mind after tired of working over the week. You get the chance to meditate and chant with a monk trained in the Theravada tradition. Instructions will be given. Suitable for all experience levels. All are welcome. No need to register. You are welcome to participate ​traditional devotional service with monks before the meditation program from 7-8 pm.

Buddha Meditation Centre of Greater Toronto

11175 Kennedy Road, Markham, ON L6C 1P2 · Markham, ON

What we're about

For ten years The Buddha Meditation Centre of Greater Toronto has been freely sharing the liberating teachings of the Buddha with anyone with an interest to learn. We have lots of opportunities to learn what the Buddha taught and how to practice so we can achieve happiness in this life, happiness in future lives, and ultimately achieve the perfect freedom of enlightenment.

To learn more about our organization and our activities, go to ( To learn more about what to expect, go to our main website. (

Although Buddhism has gained popularity in mainstream culture, the opportunities to learn directly the ancient wisdom that the Buddha taught are very rare. Many people don't even know that the words of the Buddha were preserved as he taught them and faithfully passed down for us to study and apply to our lives today. By coming to our events you will get the chance to learn exactly what the Buddha taught and how to apply it to your life. As well, you will get to meet others like you who understand that lasting happiness can't be gained through material wealth.

The collection of sermons taught by the Buddha are organized into five collections called nikayas ( From them we can learn about the qualities of the Buddha, what he realized on the night of his enlightenment, and the detailed instructions he taught for us to also experience the same happiness that he did. We can learn very clearly about the law of cause and effect that stretches beyond what is visible with an ordinary mind. As well, many of the teachings help us to solve the very ordinary problems we experience in life. For example: how to be successful in business, how to raise our children, how to maintain friendships, how to resolve disputes, and how to gain a good reputation.

Every time you come you will learn directly from the scriptures ( exactly what the Buddha taught we needed to know to experience lasting happiness.

• If you are already a Buddhist who has faith in the Buddha's enlightenment, you will find a very supportive community to deepen and express this faith.

• If you are a recent convert to Buddhism or never got a good religious education growing up, this is the perfect place to develop your faith in and knowledge of the Buddha's teachings.

• If you are still exploring and want to learn more, you'll find a friendly environment with people who look forward to helping you.

All of the teachings are done by monks who have been trained in the ancient Buddhist scriptures ( We are part of the oldest tradition of Buddhism known as Theravada, or Teachings of the Elders. ( Our monastery and meditation center is part of and order based in Sri Lanka known as Mahamevnawa (pronounced maha-may-oo-NA-wa). It was founded by our teacher, Vererable Kiribathgoda Gnanananda. To learn more about our organization and our activities, go to ( To learn more about what to expect, go to our main website. (

You can download a copy of the devotional service here (

All the events at our monastery and meditation center are free and open to the public. Registration is not required. We are very family friendly.

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