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One of the biggest fears people deal with on a regular basis is public speaking. Developing great communication skills is key to being financially as well as emotionally successful. Becoming a polished, confident speaker, takes practice. Expert guidance on how to quickly organize your thoughts and get to the point of your message will help you become a great communicator.

Michele Marshall and Celeste DeCamps, co-founders of Authentic Voice, will help you find your voice. Together they have over a decade of experience with public speaking. They have privately mentored and helped people develop their inner storyteller. Now, they are taking their skills to the public.

Do you have a presentation to deliver for your organization and you need help? We will give you proven tips, tricks, and advice. Everything from breathing, to projecting your voice, to what to do with your hands when you are in front of a group of people. We will help you take command of the room and keep your audience engaged.

Authentic Voices is a combination of lectures and workshops. Twice a month Michele and Celeste will deliver engaging presentations followed by interactive workshops. We will post the topics that we will be presenting to give the participants the opportunity to get involved. We will be working on communication skills, self-improvement, body language and goal settings to name a few. These broad topics will be distilled down to a specific issue. Breaking down the components of becoming an effective speaker will help you achieve your goals quicker.

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What is an Elevator Pitch and Why Do I Need One?

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Tickets are required for this workshop. Click the following link to purchase your ticket https://bit.ly/2WhaoJT An elevator pitch is your own unique sales introduction that you can recite in about 30 seconds or less. Everyone should have a clear, concise description of the type of job they want or the type of service they provide. Whether it’s for a job interview or a networking event, your message needs to garner interest as quickly as possible. You want the person you are meeting to have the best understanding of what you do. Authentic Voice will workshop your elevator pitch to help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll be surprised at how much information you can provide in a short amount of time. Learn the secrets to a successful elevator pitch with Michele Marshall and Celeste DeCamps. In the first hour, Michele and Celeste will explain how to put together your 30-second​ commercial. In the second hour, you will get to deliver and hone your elevator speech. Tickets are required for this workshop. Click the following link to purchase your ticket https://bit.ly/2WhaoJT We encourage you to reserve your seat early. We have limited space and we sell out quickly.

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Public Speaking: How To Do It Without Throwing Up.

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