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Join us at our Facebook group ( to see all events. We practice Circling, NVC Non Violent Communication, We play Authentic Relating Games, and sometimes offer Authentic Movement Practices

Circling: The essence of circling is bringing a deep trust and surrender to the pure witness capacities of meditation and the fullness of authentic and dynamic relating. It brings greater acceptance and awareness primary to meditation into the real living connections between people. This makes overt the felt sense of connection in relationship, to guide us into a deeper presence, co creation and shared reality." ~Circling Europe
Circling is an embodied relational meditation that opens you to the immediacy of presence, aliveness, and a state of flow .“Circling” is considered a spiritual practice, transformational modality, an authentic "way of relating", and a mindfulness practice. It is based on complex ideas, yet participating in it can be easy and enriching for people at all levels of experience.

What happens & how does it work?

A Circle always starts by a group of people or a single facilitator putting their curious & open attention on you. Rather than “helping”, “fixing” or “solving” any particular problem, the intention is simply to connect with you and discover “what’s so” through sharing their moment-by-moment experience and inquiring about yours.

-As the circle progresses, you may see things about yourself that you’ve never seen. You may feel emotions that have been stuck, buried or numbed. You may find yourself sharing things you were hiding and dissolving feelings of unworthiness and shame. You may find yourself expressing your desires and gaining the courage and freedom that comes from speaking your truth.
By relating in the present moment – beyond stories, expectations and predetermined ideas about who you are – Circling has the capacity to reveal your true essence and cultivate deep connections. As everyone engages with genuine curiosity and shares their personal experience of being with you, you discover that who you ARE is more magnificent than any limited idea about who you “should” be. Because of this, Circling is often deeply nourishing and can lead to spiritual insights and awakenings.

Authentic Relating Games: Authentic Relating Games are interactive group exercises that are a mix of partner games, small group activities, and whole group exercises that help you practice speaking what is true for you in the moment. The games are usually 5 to 10 minutes long. They consist of sentence stems or improve games that create a safe place for you to take risks, and practice the art of relating with others. By playing a little outside of our everyday comfort zones, these games help us discover more about ourselves than we might in our everyday lives.

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