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Join us at our Facebook group ( to see all events. This group is dedicated to creating and authentic community in The Woodlands. We will announce events relating to Authentic Relating practices such as: Authentic Relating Games, Circling, Meditation, Conscious Language, and Authentic movement practices such as: Trance Dance, Nia, Ecstatic Dance....

Our current offering is Authentic Games, Circling, and Meditation : Authentic Relating Games are fun, highly interactive group exercises that explore ways of seeing, connecting, and appreciating others and ourselves at deeper levels. These games create a safe place for taking risks, improving and practicing the art of relating with others and playing a little outside of our comfort zones. We discover more about ourselves than we might in our everyday lives. Engaging with others in this safe, spontaneous container affords the opportunity to create and foster a culture of conscious connection, positive regard, and authenticity in relationship. In this field of co-creation and co-discovery, we come to recognize and experience our shared humanity on a deep, profound level. We practice new ways of connecting and playing that allows the power of intentional relating to emerge.

Games can improve your ability and provide opportunity to:
~Speak your truth
~Find new ways to connect with others
~Experience being seen
~Feel your authentic voice
~Stay in relationship to your self, your feelings, emotions, needs, and desires while being in relationship to another
~Be comfortable in relationship with others
~Improve your ability to be authentic with others
~Gain new tools for communicating
~Ask for what you need with ease
~Stay relaxed and connected to your feelings and emotions, while relating to others
~Get to know yourself better
~Appreciate others on a deeper level
~Get to know another for who they are to themselves
~Get past assumptions
~Get beyond social conditioning
~So much more~

We are cultivating and practicing transformation — not just talking about it — by being willing to be affected or changed in relationship with someone else (or even ourselves!). Authentic Woodlands is part of an emerging culture that is growing all around the world. We are a culture that values genuine intimacy and personal freedom. Our games format is modeled from our two sister groups in Houston: Authentic Houston and The Authenticity Effect. Our Lead facilitator is certified by The Circling Institute in Berkely, CA and has also trained with leaders in integral theory at Authentic World located in Boulder, Co.

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