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Have you ever felt a dissatisfaction with contemporary society's style of living?

Have you ever felt a certain quality was lacking in day-to-day life?

On the other hand, have you ever been touched by a piece of art or music? Perhaps even through a contact with the natural world?

Do these experiences or 'moments of authenticity' seem to pierce the artificiality of daily life?

We are a group of people united by a shared interest in such moments and the questions that arise from them. Our aim is to conduct a series of events over the coming months exploring such questions, with each event focusing on one of the five senses in relation to art, music and culture.

These events, we hope, will constitute deeper studies in perception extending over a longer period, perhaps bringing together experts and professionals from different disciplines.

Our first event in May will focus on the sense of hearing.
What differentiates listening from hearing?
What is it that touches us in a piece of music?
Does the atmosphere in which the piece of music is heard affect how it is received?
What is that special quality which certain works have that others seem to lack?

We look forward to meeting you.

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