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AuthorYOU is a non-profit membership organization with both 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 status. AuthorYOU's official website is www.AuthorYOU.org ... on it are all AuthorYOU member benefits and expansive information Events and Activities.

PLEASE JOIN the official AuthorYOU.org (http://authoru.org) on the website, AuthorYOU.org (http://authoru.org)for FULL benefits (these are not accessible via Meetup) ... annual membership is $97 to be a paid-up member and includes a variety of deep-discounted benefits for members that are not available with just the Meetup connection.

You will get the weekly Book Publishing Tips ezine, discounts for ISBNs, discounts to IngramSpark, access to a variety of publishing providers with special perks, ForeWord magazine, book review discounts along with the ability to attend AuthorYOU's Tech Tool Boxes and Salons and a variety of other events scheduled throughout the year including the annual Holiday party.

This is the place to be:

• If you want to learn about writing, creating, strategizing, developing, publishing and selling your book.

• If you want to create a book that has pizzazz, punch and panache, this is your place to be.

• If you want a community of authors who have been there, done that, this is the place to be.

• And if you want a community that creates ongoing programs and events--both in person and remote, this is definitely the place to be.

AuthorU believes in the GOYT Factor ... Get Off Your Tush. If you are going to be successful in author and book success, it's up to you. We can show you how.

And, if you want to ...

publish your book yourself (self - indie) or sell it to NY, you learn how to do it;

create titles that soar;

structure and design your book;

not get duped by publishers, publishing and others who want your money;

learn the dollar, cents and sense of the publishing world;

pick the right people for your publishing team;

how to pick the right editor for your project;

get the media buzzing about you;

build book buzz;

learn the ins and outs of creating a successful crowdfunding campaign;

learn printing options;

discover how to get foreign rights;

book marketing;

social media smarts;

learn what needs permissions and what doesn't;

not create a mediocre book;

an active community of beginning and seasoned authors to and

so, so much more ...

AuthorYOU is where you need to be. Meet and schmooze with others who have similar goals ... who want to learn what to do, how to do it, not just talk about it. Each meeting will include a presentation by a publishing pro on the "topic" of the night, plenty of time to network and pick Judith's brain.

Who am I, your fearless leader? I'm Dr. Judith Briles, author of 36 books-18 published with NY houses until I created my own imprint in 2000. I've published in 16 countries and had over a 1,000,000 copies sold. As a past president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, the Colorado Authors League and chair of numerous publishing conferences, I know publishing inside and out. Known as The Book Shepherd to many, I've consulted with thousands of authors and authors-to be. It's a pleasure to be with you on your journey.

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Upcoming events (5)

SEPT Join the AuthorYOU Salons on the 12th-it's an Authorfest Brainstorming

Judith Briles Home Offices

This starts at 8.30 AM and ends at 11.30 on Saturday, September 12th. There is no cost ... except bring a snack to share and some new socks that I give to those in need. ALL INFO / DETAILS is on our sister Meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/AuthorU/events/fjhzgqyzgbsb/

SEPT Speaking Unplugged Bootcamp LIVE

7525 E Hampden Ave


Would you like to know how powerful you, your book and experiences are and how they can influence and change others one word at a time? Would you like to turn your book, your ideas, your mouth into a business that creates a lifestyle woven with travel, fun, global friends and financial success? It's happening LIVE June 26-27. You can with the smart and savvy strategies, you will reveal in this interactive and fun intensive workshop. With over 35 years of speaking on the platform, Dr. Judith Briles will show you how to become a successful professional speaker … a speaker that will soar your book sales. Since the 80s, speaking has been her #1 way to sell books … over 1,000,000 of them! BONUS for all who are registered by May 30 and Get Judith’s Bonus: All registrations will get a FREE professional photo shoot with a mic that is ideal for websites and meeting planners! Reserve Your Spot NOW for 2 Colorful Brain-Jammed Days, including meals. At this event, we will cover: ~How to develop your topic … start with your book then expand to create a portfolio of options for meeting planners to select from or add-on to an already booked gig. ~How to structure your speech or create a workshop … one that is uniquely you and will make you the buzz of any conference. ~How to identify your key points … and hook in the right story, activity or exercise to engage your audience. ~How to create stories based on your life experiences that will engage an audience … that can have them rolling in the aisles or shedding a tear. ~How to tie in current events with your presentation … create a local hook that will connect with attendees. ~How to know when to use multi-media … and what to do if it goes wrong. ~How to structure your first words … whether it’s a story, statistics, an event connected with the group or something else—tips on how to instantly connect with an audience. ~How to create a memorable opening or closing … that will leave your audience laughing, crying or thinking—but never just leaving them. ~How to avoid the Blunders, Bloopers, and Boo-Boos … that most speakers—newbies and old-timers make. ~How to identify and create your Unique Selling Pitch to any meeting planner … what will make you shine and rise above the speaker crowd? ~How to create the visuals to enhance your presentation … audiences are visible—you will learn how to use cartoons, words and essential elements to spark up any presentation. ~How to deal with snafus and presentations that aren’t working … it happens; not every audience is ideal or presentation perfect. ~How to find groups that want your message … and will enthusiastically cheer for you and want you back. ~How to move from free to fee … and make a living by using your words and your mouth. ~How to negotiate contracts … and get “soft money” for no fee gigs. ~How to create your “unique” position … work with a SWOT Analysis designed for you and your book. ~How to create an AWESOME Speaker-Book One-Sheet … you need one that shouts you out … it’s brag time to hook meeting planners and attendees. Cost: $547 for the two day event. If you are a Book Shepherd Alumni, register for the event at TheBookShepherd.com for your discounts. The Alumni cost is $347 Can't pay all at once? Visit TheBookShepherd.com for a 3 month payment plan option. If you are planning to stay at the hotel, (recommended) our special room rate is $124. Just ask for the AuthorYOU rate.

OCT Join the AuthorYOU Salons on the 10th-it's an Authorfest Brainstorming

Judith Briles Home Offices

All Salons start at 8.30 AM and ends at Noon on Saturday, October 10th. There is no cost ... except bring a snack to share and some new socks that I give to those in need. ALL INFO / DETAILS is on our sister Meetup here: https://www.meetup.com/AuthorU/events/fjhzgqyzgbsb/

NOV Join the Author YOU Circles on the 14th-it's an Authorfest Brainstorming

All Salons start at 8.30 AM and end at 11.30 on Saturday, November 14th. There is no cost ... except bring a snack to share and some new socks that I give to those in need. ALL INFO / DETAILS is on our sister Meetup here: here: https://www.meetup.com/AuthorU/events/fjhzgqyzgbsb/

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