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This group is for parents who have a child who is autistic, has ADHD, or has other neurodivergent traits. Keep reading below for more details!

My child is now an adult - will I fit in this group?

Yes! About half of our members are parents to individuals who are in their late teens, twenties, or older.

Do I have to live in Reno to join?

Nope! We have members from all over the country. Due to COVID, all our events are online. After COVID, we'll have a mix of in-person events for Reno locals and online events for other members.

How does the group work?

Our typical groups consist of two parts. First, one parent shares in depth about their current challenges, while the rest of the group listens, shares their own similar experiences, provides support, and offers suggestions. Second, I'll share some helpful education on a particular topic. Topics include things like impulse control, handling bullying, what to do about meltdowns, sensory sensitivities, school and work success, disclosure, and self-advocacy.

Sometimes we also have special events, where I invite guest speakers to share on specific topics.

What if I'm interested in other support?

I offer individual coaching and group services for teens and adults who are autistic or have ADHD. I currently have a wait list for individual services but anticipate having at least some openings in early 2021. I am also enrolling now for groups starting in the spring of 2021. You can learn more at my website facilitatejoy.com or email me at cady@facilitatejoy.com

Who started the group and why?

My name's Cady Stanton, and I am a Transition to Adulthood Specialist and Executive Function Coach. I provide individual coaching and group services. My work focuses specifically on supporting individuals who are autistic, have ADHD, or have related neurodivergent traits.

I have presented on related topics at universities and agencies in both the US and UK, including Stanford, the University of Washington, and the California State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Here are a couple of recent local interviews related to COVID:

Television interview regarding the impact of COVID-19 on autistic youth (https://www.kolotv.com/content/news/COVID-19-anxiety-impacting-developmental-disorders-569575271.html)

​​Radio interview regarding the challenges of online learning due to COVID-19 (https://www.kunr.org/post/covid-19-online-learning-solutions-present-challenges-students-autism-adhd)

​​I have a strong commitment to making services accessible to as many individuals as possible. This group is part of the pro-bono support I offer.

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Join us for some time to unwind, connect, learn, and meet others who will understand and support you in the journey of parenting a young person with neurodivergent traits.

Are kindness, gratitude, and generosity important values in your home?
Are you disheartened when your kid sometimes seems demanding, ungrateful, or self-focused? Challenges with executive function, perspective taking, anxiety, and a limited understanding of how to express gratitude are all important contributors. Learn ways to support your young person in developing the ability to express kindness and appreciation.

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