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Welcome to Autism Empowerment's new Meetup page for Autism Social Club / Game Club.

This particular Meetup group is for parents 18+ that are interested in monthly social connections for themselves and for their children on the autism spectrum. As per rules and Autism Social Club rules, any children present at a Meetup must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

In addition to social club activities, we also host a wide range of community support groups, special events and training for families connected with Autism / Aspergers in the Southwest WA and Portland metro area.

As an organization, we serve all ages and abilities so if this particular club doesn't fit your demographic, be sure to visit our Autism Empowerment website ( to learn more.

About Autism Empowerment:

Autism Empowerment is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to promoting a culture of acceptance and empowerment for children, teens, adults and families in the Autism and Asperger community.

Our vision is an inclusive society that respects and values all youth and adults on the autism spectrum where each person is empowered to reach his or her highest potential.

We currently facilitate a wide range of support groups, training and special events. In addition to Autism Social Club, we will include information about a number of our other meetup activities as part of this Meetup calendar, however we highly encourage for you to connect with us through our Autism Empowerment website ( and Facebook page ( to stay current on our regular activities.

About Autism Social Club

Autism Social Club sometimes referred to as Autism Game Club is a fun monthly event that takes place on the last Friday of most months at Holy Redeemer Community Center in Vancouver, Washington.

It is a time for kids, tweens and teens to play games and have the opportunity to hang out and meet other youth. Parents can relax, share information, play games with their kids and get support from each other. Please note that this is not a drop-off activity. At least one parent / caregiver must stay with his/her child at all times.

The club activities are geared toward school age children, Kindergarten through high school. Siblings of all abilities are welcome.

We have board games, video games and bingo indoors. When the weather is conducive, there are often field games outdoors.

Cost is $5 per family per event + please bring a snack to share (example: chips, dessert, veggies, fruit). We will provide drinks, napkins, plates and all the games!

The Autism Social Club has been active in Vancouver, WA for many years and has been facilitated by a number of different local autism families. Most recently, the torch was passed to Vancouver based nonprofit, Autism Empowerment and is now run as a program under their 501(c)3 umbrella with the help of positive and proactive families in the community.

In addition to monthly game night, we also have a closed group page on Facebook specifically for Autism Social Club members who wish to participate. If you live in Southwest Washington or the Portland metro area and have a child(ren) on the autism spectrum, we invite you to join.

1) Send a Facebook request to join the group.

2) Send a quick email to with your name and a little information about yourself and your family or you may also call us at (360) 852-8369. (This is for the protection of all our group members. We want to make sure that you have a genuine connection with autism and with our region.)

Example: Hi, my name is Jane Doe and my husband and I have a 7 year old son on the autism spectrum and an 11 year old daughter who is typically developing. We live in Vancouver and looking forward to meeting other families. Thanks!

It is not required to join the Facebook group in order for your family to attend our monthly Autism Social Club meetups!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or give John Krejcha a call at (360) 852-8369.

We look forward to meeting you!


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