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Autistic's Teens United (A.T.U.) is a social support group for Autistic teens ages 12-19, and their parents.

Our goal is to build a community of support for both teens and their parents by providing a safe environment in which teenagers on the Autistic spectrum and their parents can come together to support one another through sharing their experiences, ideas, and coping mechanisms.

We envision a community of interdependence where parents of teens and autistic adult mentors work together to create an atmosphere where Autistic teenagers feel comfortable, where they can have fun and be themselves among peers.

We want parents and caregivers to view the parent group as a social outlet with other parents or caregivers.

It is a place to relax, talk, and share. No worries. It’s not all serious :)

This is a Chapter of Autistic's United is meant for teens and parents We aim to provide a peer support group for Autistic teens ages 12-19 as well as mentorship, awareness and advocacy.

This volunteer program is run by Autistics and is primarily meant for peer support.
As an adult autistic, I benefited from Western NC Autistic's United, upon marrying I moved to Charlotte. I find there is a need for a teen support group and an Autistic run advocacy group in Charlotte. So I decided to do something about it!
Within the next year, if enough adults are interested, we will be expanding a separate but connected Adult Autistic's United- Charlotte, NC support group. Please feel free to email me at Doctor.Lilly.Watts@gmail.com

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