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Calling all the beautiful people of Austin who are autoimmune disease warriors and want to be social!

Having an autoimmune disease can be painful, stressful, depressing, and, at times, isolating. This group is open to all autoimmune diseases and whatever condition you are in. Whether you're in a wheelchair from MS, swollen legs from lupus, painful joints from RA, or you're in remission and feeling great, let's have fun and get together with people who can support each other and understand what we're going through!

Events will be at random and likely more low-key since one of the biggest symptoms of all autoimmune diseases is fatigue. I would prefer suggested events from members so that I get a better understanding of what's suitable for other conditions.

**Please note that since symptoms of autoimmune diseases are systemic and vary drastically from person to person, we cannot accommodate for each person's needs at every event. Some activities may involve more mobility, direct sunlight, less food options, etc that may be too difficult for your condition.... but we will try our best!

I am also looking for someone to help me run this group. Please let me know if you are interested! Thx!

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