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What we’re about

You’ve heard about Robotic Process Automation, yes? If not, then you need to know this. Software robotics is the fastest growing technology that is disrupting the way we work.

And this group is for all developers to learn and engage with industry experts and take an 'under the hood' look at robotic process automation. It is a group where you can learn to build bots (we call them the Digital Workforce) to automate pretty much any mundane, repetitive, and structured business process. From simple use cases like processing insurance claims to complex procure to pay processes, you can automate anything with this configurable software. And with intelligent automation, you can use ML to create predictive models with unstructured and structured data.

And with APIs, you can seamlessly connect and migrate any data across any app making your life as a developer much easier. In these Meetups, you will also unlock the power of APIs in RPA, whether it's to orchestrate bots, schedule and manage bot schedules, pass data, etc.

So whether you're a Java, Python, R, C# or any other programming language junkie, join this Meetup group to fold your sleeves up and see the magic of RPA.