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This Meeting: Signup for these meetings is not required. Normal attendance varies, but there is always a group there with demo's at most of the meetings ... and lively impromptu pre meeting discussions from 5-5:30. The formal process begins around 5:30 and turns into and interactive open forum if time allows before 7:00. Laser Projects Using Arduino Series Meetings are listed with "Open Topics" if the exact topic has not been selected yet. You are generally at the mercy of the GrandPooBaa or LeRoy with their latest mail order toys. Pooh nomally has a new security camera or wants to talk about Linux for Windows. LeRoy typically has a new processor to talk about. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Our objective is to be a resource for people that enjoy technologies of any kind. Today there is an amazing amount of information available. We want to facilitate/mentor those that have a thirst for knowledge (and enjoy the process). Membership is open to all and free. Members are offered our entire library of learning materials. We have a broad series of subjects we have had fun with including Op-amps, (We built our own 3 mode controller), NE555 circuits (timers, drives etc), stepper motor controls (built our own controller), drives (Built our own DC drive), transistor theory, Electricity and more. We encourage questions about any subject and help direct members to appropriate materials or training. We regularly encourage/supplement self training and seek facilitators.

Westchester Library - Board Room

9363 Centre Pt. Drive · West Chester, OH

What we're about

This group has interest in electronics, programming, electrical areas of Automation Technologies (Currently completing projects using the Arduino Microprocessor). It promotes learning via "Project Completion". The groups complete various FUN automation projects facilitating learning by each member. Each member determines their role in each project. Roles range from observer, project assembler to project instructor. A wonderful opportunity for beginners to get answers to their questions. Teachers and Technically advanced have the opportunity to share their knowledge.

We are looking at repeating some of the early Arduino projects. This should familiarize our new members with Arduino hardware and software. This also includes some electrical/electronic basics.

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The club has all parts necessary to complete Projects 1-8.
Members are issued links to all projects.

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