An Evening with.... Eva-Lotta Lamm

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An Evening with... Eva-Lotta Lamm - Tuesday 29th October 2019, MikaMai/LinkMe, Milan
"Visual Literacy & Visual Fluency"

Let's continue our meetup season with a very special guest of our series "An Evening with...". Please welcome Eva-Lotta Lamm!

"Visual Literacy & Visual Fluency"

We are visual creatures by nature. We start to look at the world around us and making sense of what we see before we start to speak. We consume hundreds of images every day: photographs, infographics, diagrams, maps, icons, emoticons. We are pretty much experts when it comes to understanding information presented in a visual way.

But when it comes to expressing ourselves visually, we are often not as well versed. We might pick some emoticons to add a personal touch to messages or share a photo, but we still too rarely (or never) use the full potential of visual expression to make our important ideas and thoughts heard and understood.
We talk at length but we don't get up often enough to sketch out our ideas on a whiteboard in front of our colleagues. We write a lot, but we don't use the power of visual structure and spatial arrangement enough to give our words an extra layer of meaning and make them quicker and easier to scan.

In her talk, Eva-Lotta will show why Visual Literacy and Visual Fluency matter and how images, visual structure, and spatial arrangement can complement words in a powerful way.
She will talk about her experience using pen and paper (or marker and whiteboard) to explain complex problems and share the insights she gained in the process.

Eva-Lotta is a Designer, Visual Thinking Expert, and Trainer, and she'll be visiting us for the first (sold-out) edition of her workshop "Visual Thinking: Making the Invisible Visible" (join the waiting list for the next edition:

Will you be there? :-)

When: Tuesday 29th October 2019
- Welcome, registration and aperitivo from 7pm
- Talk starts at 7.30pm
- Q&A and closing at 9pm

Where: Mikamai/LinkMe, Via Giulio e Corrado Venini, 42, 20127 Milan, Metro: Pasteur (M1, Red Line).
On foot: 20-min walk from Milano Centrale Train Station.

See you there, RSVP soon and grab a seat... they won't last long and our venue has limited capacity!

The Avanscoperta Team

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