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The Southampton and Portsmouth Wiccans Meetup Group exists to provide a forum for Southampton and Portsmouth based Wiccans to meet, train in and practice the Wiccan tradition. This group will be focused on providing structured training in Wicca leading to the opportunity for members to practice with us. We will also be providing public events and trips in the Southampton and Portsmouth area and beyond.

We plan to hold meetings in the Southampton and Portsmouth area to allow people to connect with the group but we are a strongly connected network and also meet separately from the events on Meetup which act as an entry point to the Wiccan tradition. We have a large network of Wiccans on Watsapp that organise the events on our Meetup groups.

We also offer training via Zoom through our 13 Knots Wicca training course. This provides a two year introduction to the Wiccan tradition.

In addition we also offer the opportunity for you to join us in trips to our spiritual home, Dartmoor. One of our members own private woodland close to this which we use for rituals and overnight stays.

We are an easy going and friendly group of Wiccans with a long term commitment and deep dedication to the tradition. Our goal is to make connecting with the Wiccan tradition, being trained and ultimately gaining initiation into a Wiccan coven feasible for all those who seek it and are genuinely deducated to the path.

The events here are coordinated though a Watsapp group that sits behind this group and to which those interested in finding out more about Wicca or seeking to get answers to questions are connected to. In order to join the Watsapp network you should visit the address below,


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Introduction to the 13 Knots Wicca Course

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The Circle in the Sky (Knot 4): Astronomy for Wiccans

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The Wiccan Tarot School Part 3 of 3: Tarot Spreads

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