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Sunday Funday Softball
• What we'll do I thought it would be cool to play some softball, since I love playing the sport. The field we are usually at is ON Land Park Drive near 15th ave. It is the southernmost field. Guys and Girls of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, relationship status, and ethnicity are welcome. I have a spare glove and I’m sure others are willing to share their glove if you don’t have a glove. I also have a couple of aluminum softball bats. Feel free to bring other equipment (or even a friend or two!) as well. • What to bring Positive attitude, glove, and water. Bats and balls are optional since we provide them. • Important to know

William Land Park

3800 Land Park Drive · Sacramento, CA

What we're about

Who Are We? Doesn't matter, as long as we are average!

Average Joe's "Sport" and Social (formally known as Activities and Sports for the Awesomely Mediocre, or ASAM) is a group of fun folks we DON'T TAKE THE GAMES SERIOUS! We like to play games or sports and have FUN! After the event, we like to stay and enjoy a few adult beverages and socialize. By socializing, it organically grows in to networking.

We do NOT take the games serious. Also, we are NOT a league! Who has times for leagues anyways? Ever found a "recreational softball" league?? There is no such thing.

We don't care if you are actually "good" at sports, just don't be competitive, because most of us, are not!

The parameters and WHO actually join and are active:

1) If you are from some outlying area like Stockton, Davis (Never had ANYONE from Davis attend anything), Fairfield, Vacaville, Placerville, you may not be accepted. Lets be real. You are not driving to Sacramento area for a Meetup.

2) I would say the average age is 40(ish).

3) Millennials, studies show that if the event is more than a bike ride away, you are not likely to show lol! It is what it is, but you are MORE than welcomed to come have a good time!!

4) If you belong to a s***load of Meetups, its not likely you will be "accepted." When are you gonna have time to come to one of ours?

5) If you are LOOKING for LOVE, this may not be the Meetup. It certainly can happen organically, but we know how Meetup is. You LOOK to see who's coming, and if you don't like what you see, you flake.

6) FINALLY. Have a REAL Name. If your name is Emerson Biggens, it's not likely you will be accepted.

Got any Examples of Activities or Sports I Can Attend and/or Organize? Yup!

Our activities include:

- Bubble Ball Soccer

- Flag Football

- Themed kickball events

- Trivia Nights

- Board Game Nights

- Capture The Flag

- Softball

- Volleyball

Those are just a few examples. We meet at bars, we include BBQ's and Potlucks, we go to the lakes and rivers!

Some of our event organizers do charge a nominal fee for their events.

Join our Facebook group, ( in order to give your input to the organizers and to find out what activities/sports are being planned.

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