What we're about

Who should Join? Anyone who is not afraid to think outside-the-box...anyone who is not afraid to expand their thinking...anyone who is NOT superficial and NOT closed minded.

As this group will meet on Monday's at The Wine Room, located on Chester Rd. in Avon, we will enjoy spirited discussion on most any topic the group would like to discuss critically while enjoying the establishments Wine Bar and Tap House options.

An example of topics include:
The Generations - Boomers vs. Gen-Xer's vs. Millennial's vs. Gen Zer's, and more
Self Driving Vehicles and their impact on our future society
Cutting the Cable cord, streaming, and only paying for the content you want
Jobs of the future
And Much More...

Everything is on the table and all that is required is that you walk in the door with an open mind and that you are respectful. The host and establishment owner will police the respect part.

Past events (2)

Can You Challenge Your Mindset?

The Wine Room

Group Kick-off - THE GENERATIONS

The Wine Room