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Welcome! The purpose of this group is to have open, safe, and authentic communication about how to Love ourselves. We often talk about problems we are having in our lives. The meeting leader is not a therapist but has participated in more than 4 years Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and also leads Living with Awareness Courage and Love meetings - which are organized by Mavis Tsai at the University of Washington's Psychology Department. Silent participation is perfectly OK. There are no fees at all. This group is not affiliated with ANY religion. But, it's wonderful that the EBC has offered space for our use. Contact me -[masked] if you have ANY questions or are curious about the format etc. ________________________________ Where in the building will we meet? When you pull into the EBC driveway, you will see the building in front of you. Pull forward and into the underground parking lot. You may park in the parking lot for free. Once parked, walk back toward the entrance you just drove through. On the left there are some doors - they are grey. Open them, go in, and use the elevator to your left or walk up the stairs also at your left. Go up to the next floor. As you exit the elevator or stairs there will be a little library/store in front of you. Turn right. There will be a long hall in front of you, walk forward about 40ft, there is a room on the right - room number 1. That is where we meet. -------------------------------------- This group is only about healing and Loving ourselves unconditionally. Each individual is requested and expected to read the following rules of participation that are for the protection of each member. Awake Love Rules ( Together, we will create a safe and welcoming place for all who attend. DISCLAIMER (I will bring a waiver that I've been advised to get signed by participants): I am not a therapist or professional group leader. This group is not meant to substitute for professional therapy, and anyone suffering from significant mental distress or mental illness is advised to seek immediate professional help. I am not qualified to lead any event. I am simply inviting you to come along with me as a friend and learn how to Love yourself. I am not certified under any organization public or private to conduct 'therapy' of any kind. I am simply a person who believes in Love, Loves myself, and wants to try to teach you how to Love yourself too. By participating in any event of this group you are agreeing to release me (Pat Vulk) or any other organizer from liability as it pertains to the statements above and to section 6.2 of meetup's terms of service. By participating in this group you are providing an electronic waiver which you agree to be equivalent to a signed waiver.

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What we're about

What does it mean to Love yourself? We have heard all our lives that we should Love ourselves - so much in fact that it really has no meaning that most are capable of discerning. Furthermore, even if we try to Love ourselves - if we don't know HOW to Love ourselves - the task is almost impossible.

The purpose of this group is to learn how to Love and accept ourselves; To obtain a deep understanding of what that truly means. By Loving ourselves completely and unconditionally, we can discover and experience happiness and joy. As we learn to Love ourselves, we begin to 'awaken' to the truth of our existence in Society, the World and perhaps the Universe.

Why should you attend?

- Were you severely punished as a child?

- Did you witness scary things as a child?

- Does your partner know everything about you?

- Do you have a lot of secrets?

- Do your children overwhelm you?

- Does the phrase 'stop the world, I want to get off' have meaning for you?

- Are you in an unhappy marriage?

- Are you looking at porn every night?

- Is work stressing you out regularly?

- Are you drinking every day?

- Do you do things you know you should not?

- Are you overwhelmed with grief?

- Are you sad and/or depressed and crying frequently?

- Are you being abused or are you abusing someone?

- Are you trapped in the sex industry?

- Are you making money as a stripper, sex worker, or online via some sexual method?

- Are you afraid?


There are no fees, no gimmicks, no secrets.

I have spent the majority of my life NOT loving myself (I used to answer yes to almost ALL of the questions above - but not anymore), and since July 2013 have been engaged in being taught how TO Love myself by a wonderful therapist Pamela Sherbrooke. She is a therapist who attended Harvard, so she's well educated. But that is not why she is special. You will hear a LOT about Pamela. She is very significant in my life and has passed on her knowledge as my mentor - which I will do for you (if you find it useful). I will tell you everything that I have learned and pass on as much knowledge to you as I possibly can in the same way it was taught to me --- for free. I am donating my time, energy and effort - because I Love YOU!! I Love YOU -- even though we have not met.

I can honestly say that although I am still learning to Love myself, I do now Love myself more than I ever have in my entire life, and much more than the average person. This is based upon watching most people living lives of pain.

** What's in it for me? **

Simply the joy of helping others learn to Love themselves, and to learn more about how to Love myself.

I am not hosting this group to build a resume. I have no intention of ever becoming a therapist or psychologist. I have no intention of ever making money from this activity. I am ONLY doing it out of Love for you and for me. I do not accept any donations or compensation of any kind at all - other than the joy I feel at helping others.

*********** RULES *************

Participants should read the rules of participation before attending - rules link (

This group has nothing to do with finding a spouse or partner --- but if you are seeking someone else to be in 'love with' - this group will definitely help you.

The entire theme of this group is LOVE. Love can and will bring you happiness and Joy.

All are welcome to attend.

Here are a few resources:


- Melissa Graham 425-885-6264 can help connect you to assistance.

- ( - mental illness resource for jobs

- Warm line (

- King County Crisis LIne - 206-461-3222

- Resource help - dial 211

- ( - help for women trapped in the sex industry or abusive relationships

Examples of subjects covered during the meetups and questions you may have:

Do you ever have feelings that are not good, that YOU are not good, of guilt, shame, desperation, fear?

Have you done things you are ashamed of? Are you doing things you are ashamed of?

Are you trapped in a relationship you can't get out of? Is the pressure of life too much?

Would you like to learn how to be happy and possibly joyful all-the-time? Do you wonder what it's all for, what is the purpose of life?

Contact me:

Recommended Reading:
Eckhart Tole

DISCLAIMER: I am not a therapist or professional group leader. This group is not meant to substitute for professional therapy, and anyone participating will be required to sign a waiver if they continue to participate.

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