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The Body Electric and the Sacred Geometry that is YOU!
You have probably read about how we, as human beings, generate an electromagnetic frequency and have electricity running through our bodies. You have probably seen pictures of Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ hinting at the sacred geometry and golden mean ratios that are part and parcel of the mathematical genius that is our body. But what about you? Do you know your frequency? Do you know your voltage? Have you ever been measured to calculate your Golden Ratio? Well, that is exactly what we plan on doing in this workshop. This workshop is all about you! When you leave this workshop, all of what you have heretofore known as theory will be your own, personal facts of life. Join us and see!

School of Metaphysics

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    Have you ever wondered “Is there more to life than what I am experiencing right now?” Have you pondered the essence of happiness? This group is designed to welcome people of all walks of life to discover together the fullness of human experience. Centered in the notion of self-realization we will be exploring a vast selection of concepts related to the inner and outer fulfillment. Some of the subject matters covered will be: dreams and dream interpretation, the nature of true peace, the construct of the Mind and how our thoughts influence the world around us. If you are interested in delving deeper into the true nature of reality please join us.

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