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Our group focuses on some unique models of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that can help you witness deep hidden patterns in your psyche. These processes can expose your deep dysfunctional programming for the opportunity of transformation. We use these models to lead the human mind/spirit to to deeper levels of personal breakthroughs. Becoming aware of the patterning in life and your psyche can help you develop powerful tools for realization and transformation.

Our core work comes from (NLP Meta-Programs) they are key theories of exploration in our work. We also incorporate Eckhart Tolle’s Pain Body and the Control Drama metaphors.

We believe this knowledge can help humanity as well as ourselves in the mental health arena and bridge the gaps between psychology & spirituality.

It helps to be curious. Hence, it is essential to come in with an open mind and a passionate desire to wrap your head around this material. There are many people out there abusing the power of NLP for their manipulative agendas (like certain sales tactics or for pickup artists.) This is not what our group is about. It is our intention to use these tools for greater self-understanding: finding relief for painful associations in our psyches.

We are open to any outside perspective along these same lines. We believe these models have a lot to offer humanity. If this sounds interesting to you then come chat with us.

If you sign up as a member of Awake NLP , we offer a number of types of FREE events, including our education program, theory workshops, focus groups, and conscious coffee settings. Be sure to check our calendar regularly so you can plug into the events which interest you. We look forward to getting to know you.


We're are a community minded support group that tries to capture the wisdom and knowledge of the people's voice. With this approach we attempt to build the feeling of an equal and emotionally stabling experience for everyone.

We use the awareness of the control drama metaphors as a boundary tool to keep our community feeling, a safe environment to open into. Growth doesn't always come easy, so we're here as a support group for you as you pursue your own path.

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