What we're about

Join us if you know there is something more and deeper to life and you want to explore life at that level.

If you are curious about how and why life flows as it does.

If you know you have power within you and you want to learn how to access it or access it more clearly and deeply.

If you have worked with teachers but haven't found what you are looking for.

If you want insight, guidance and tools that change your life the moment you hear them.

In this Meet Up you will learn from and work with Spiritual Teacher Christine Agro. Christine has been quietly leading people into deeper states of awareness and conscious living for 20 years. She is grounded and centered and on the top of the list of her many gifts is her ability to simply, clearly and practically share Universal Knowledge

'Deepening our Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Presence isn't difficult or complicated. It doesn't require fan fare or spectacle. It is simple, easy work and when you step fully into life becomes incredibly amazing because you see everything from a different, more knowing, more clear perspective.' Christine Agro

If you have been looking for more in your life. Make this meetup a stop on your journey. You may find it is all 'the more' you wanted.

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