Past Meetup

Spiritual Field Trip - Come Up To My Room

Hosted by Awaken in Toronto

Public group


Price: CA$15.00 /per person
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Our lives are ruled by the power of intention. Whether we make them consciously or not, we are bringing intention to everything we do.

Intention can transform experience. Two people at the same event can have completely different experiences. Spiritual Field Trips leverage this to provide experiences that are immersive, engaging and growth-inducing. Come together with others to explore your world, expand your mind and uncover the magic in the environments that surround you.

January's Event:

Come Up To My Room is an annual event that describes itself as “an alternative design exhibition that provides a platform for experimentation outside the norms of art and design, at the edges between intention and interpretation.” You can learn more about the event here:

We will come together to set intentions and to go over some tips for getting the most out of the experience. Then we’ll explore the exhibit, individually, in pairs, or small groups. Participants will be provided with a handout with reflective prompts and questions to encourage and support a fuller experience of exploration.

To finish, we’ll reconvene as a group for a facilitated discussion of our experiences, with an opportunity to share any thoughts, insights or excitement about the exhibit.

Cost for entry is $10 (not included in our event fee) and can be purchased ahead of time here:

Exact location for meeting up will be sent out to those who RSVP closer to the date.