What we're about

The purpose of this Meetup is to explore and share our paths of awakening to our true nature in a community of like-minded people. For this group, a like-minded person would be someone who is interested in or is “actively working to LIVE” the wisdom shared by teachers such as:


-Eckhart Tolle

-J. Krishnamurti

-Byron Katie

-Kristin Neff

The focus here is on 'direct experience' rather than emphasizing or believing in a particular teaching. Depending upon the meetup we might focus on a particular teaching. Or, we might also explore various related areas such as compassion (e.g. Kristin Neff) or neuroscience (e.g. Kelly McGonigal).


Some of the Meetups will revolve around books, videos, courses, etc. along with lots of discussion and short meditations (5-20 min) to help loosen the unconscious patterns of our minds and cultivate greater awareness.

Other times the focus might be more on THE PRACTICAL SIDE...

When these "ideas," as taught by teachers like those listed above, are embodied, there can be a profound effect in all areas of one's life. What I know from my own experience is that there are completely new perspectives on old "problems" that become apparent when you work with them from a space of awareness.

Some practical Meetup topics might include:

TIME - Feeling there is not enough time, stress, anxiety, slowing down, technology, etc.

MIND - Not being clear on one's intentions and priorities, overwhelm, lack of follow through, willpower, etc.

MONEY - Financial freedom, scarcity, social pressure, instant gratification, etc.

SIMPLICITY - Wanting a simpler life, living in harmony with the environment, the ego and downsizing, etc.

HEALTH - Making daily healthy choices regarding nutrition, exercise, sleep, compulsions, etc.

WORK - Exploring our relationship to our work, breaking out of the 40-hour work week, accessing wisdom, figuring out what we REALLY want to be doing, etc.

SELF-EXPRESSION - How do you want to show up in the world, investigating the concept of 'meaning', creativity, the need to be seen, accepting what is, etc.

RELATIONSHIPS - Relating on a deeper level, choosing the few over the many, being radically honest with your partner, the push and pull of independence and connection, etc.


 If you want to support each other in learning how to integrate these teachings on a moment to moment basis rather than treating them as just more intellectual knowledge or as something to add to an egoic identity, I hope to see you at an upcoming event. :)

** There will be Free Events offered as well as some paid events. **




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