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If you are seeking guidance & support to overcome playing small in life, to up-level your sense of deservedness and to experience self-love and acceptance, this group is for you!

Those seeking support on the following topics:

- Explore ancient and modern mental and spiritual principles for personal growth and awakening

- Change perceptions to liberate you from the holds of your past

- Dissolve old self-image of the illusory self and discover your true essence

- Develop skills and processes to reprogram dis-empowering responses

- Connect with your inner-being for intuitive awakening and co-create with a higher-power (God, the Universe, Oneness)

- Up-level your sense of self-worth and deservedness

- Align your values with your vision and increase your expectations in life

- Reach for bigger goals, challenges and experiences for personal evolution

- Discover and experience how the Universe conspires with you

- Manage with stress and anxiety and live life with more peace, ease and joy

Join us as we embark on a journey to develop a greater and more expanded version of who we truly are in our relationship with our self and with others, uncover the hidden limiting beliefs in all areas of our life that keep us playing small and from shining our light!

We will explore transformation tools and practices that will help us to shed aspects of our hidden personality traits that cause us to procrastinate, play small and restrict our growth. As we liberate ourselves from habitual thinking patterns and practice tools to help us self-regulate and manage our emotional states, we awaken to a more empowered and intuitive connection with our higher-self and amplify our ability to co-create our desires with the Universe.

What personality traits and habits do highly successful people share in common?

They take time out for themselves every day for personal growth;

create daily habits for self-development;

practice self-mastery tools to up-level their emotional state of being; and

have a supportive network system.

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