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Have you ever felt different from the people around you? Like they can’t see or feel, or know the things that you do? That you have no one to talk to that won’t think you might be crazy?
If you have, then maybe, you are an “Awakening Spirit”

Come and join a group with other like- minded people that resonate with your journey on your spiritual path!

People of all spiritual and religious beliefs are welcome to join this group, whether you have been on the spiritual path for years, or just starting to awaken now! All that is asked from the members is that you come in love and light, with an open mind, and tolerance for others in the group.

This meet-up group will offer its members opportunities to attend monthly spiritual day trips, parties and activities, spiritual discussion groups, a weekly spiritual book club, starting with The Celestine Prophecy Spiritual Insights, Reiki/Shamballa Healing Shares, Meditation Groups, and Spiritual classes of all kinds to assist people with their spiritual development and finding their life purpose.

There is also a companion Face Book Page, also called Awakening Spirits for spiritual discussion of all kinds!

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FREE Ascension Healing Talk!

Needs a location

Free Ascension Healing Talk with Robin!

Sat, Feb 26th –Talk: 1:30- 2:30

Free 10-15 min Healing Sessions

Do you suffer from pain of any kind? Come and learn how it can be relieved and often resolved with a combination of Myo-Fascial Release & Shamballa Reiki!

We will talk about what the energy healing modality of Shamballa Reiki is, and how it works on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels-

We will also talk about how trauma of all kinds causes pain and lack of movement, as well as how and why Myo-Fascial Release, a non-invasive manual therapy technique works so well!

Come learn about these amazing techniques for dealing with pain and about the new business starting at Wolf Moon called,
“Magickal Healing Touch”

FREE snacks & drinks are included!

Please RSVP by calling or texting:
Spots are limited!

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Tarot & Medium Readings with Chris!

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