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Everyone is born with psychic abilities. However, not everyone finds the medium that allows them to express it. This meet-up is designed to introduce you to different ways
to percieve and understand the mind of others as well as your own. Each person has a medium that is right for him or her, in order to express latent psychic abilities.

While these mediums are used by others to foretell the future. Our goal is mainly to help you see first what events of your past are influencing the choices you are likely to make today and their possible impact to your psyche. Knowing yourself is the key to understanding the mind of fates of others. This meetup will allow you to use the language of archetypal symbols in order to understand the deeper knowledge locked in your unconscious and the unconscious of those you read.

Meet-up 1 : Middle Eastern Tasseography and Southeast Asian Shamanism
Using techniques from little known divination traditions such as Turkish Coffee and Southeast Asian Shamanism; you will learn to look into the patterns and formations of natural materials to recognize symbols that reveal the secrets of the mind.

Visit TurkishCupReading.com and SelfEmpoweredMinds.com for more details and private sessions

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