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Awakening Wellness's purpose is to provide a nurturing environment and a variety of events and offerings for individuals to re-awaken and heal their body and soul. Finding their next step to personal growth, empowerment and and healing through Creativity, Spirituality and Holistic Living within a supportive community.

We offer the following healing treatment options:
~Energy Medicine
~Chakra Balancing
~Yoga Therapy
~Food Based Healing
~LifeStyle Balancing
~Holistic Health Coaching ~Massage-Therapeutic, Trigger Point and Swedish ~Myofascial and Cranial Sacral Release Bodywork
~Hypnosis & NLP

In addition, we bring the community together for creative venues. Music, art, chanting and meditation are mainstays of the activities offered. Each month brings a new selection of empowerment workshops, programs to enrich the soul and broaden the spirit. General Information Yoga and Qigong classes.

Upcoming events (5+)

Awakening Yoga

Awakening Wellness

The focus of this class is on "Awakening" the energy centers of your body (chakras) through a varied set of poses from seated and lying down, to table, standing warrior sequences and balancing postures. The use of props are offered to allow individuals to find their level of practice. You build strength, flexibility and vitality for optimal physical and emotional health. Ends with a time of relaxation to allow the body and mind to assimilate all the benefits. You can visit our website for details www.Awakeningwellness.info.

Qigong for Everyone

Awakening Wellness

This class consists of easy, gentle and graceful movements that are combined with breath and focused intention which fosters healing and a deep sense of peaceful energy. It is fully guided and can be done with no prior experience. Accessible for anyone as it can be done seated or standing. Before practice there is a short reading and/or explanation around why we do Qigong and some gentle stretching. We finish with a short time of sharing and discussion about the experience. *If you can't make Saturdays, we run Qigong 6 week series during the week. Please visit our website for details www.Awakeningwellness.info.

Ayurdeva Playshop Prevention with Food as Medicine

Awakening Wellness

Incorporating food made with Awareness and quietude feeds your body, mind and soul. Join Paula as she shows you how to Ghee as a way to restore vitality and joy. Cut veggies on LIFELINE to build awareness of gratitude along with a Healthy dip and recipes. ​ $25.00. Register in advance.

Essential OIls Workshop

Awakening Wellness

Essential oils can profoundly affect our mental and emotional wellbeing. Nicole will introduces the importance of grounding ourselves through our senses using essential oil blends. Each will create their own blend of oils that will cater to your individual needs. ​ $15.00 Register in advance, as supplies are needed. ​

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Chakra Energy Yoga

Awakening Wellness

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