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From the birth of the scientific revolution man has refused to accept unquestioningly the limitations of his ignorance and lack of understanding of the world around him. The exponential expansion of scientific understanding and technological growth, increases in comfort and efficiency, has apparently given us an unprecedented control over the world and simultaneously an unprecedented lack of control of our mental capacities.

How can a modern man even begin to recover his birthright of the satisfaction of continuous personal growth, becoming the leader and... hero of his own life in such society? By re-framing his outlook on the difficulties he faces in life confronting one of the most satisfying and useful challenges of a lifetime: mastery and control of his mental capacities. At this seminar we will discuss -developing a healthy masculine view on life -unique techniques for enhancing mental performance -systematic practices for time management -revolutionary methodologies for setting and meeting goals Modern western men in particular are struggling with stagnating consciousness and mental weakness. Our culture’s enthusiastic quest for comfort and safety has sabotaged and devalued the most fundamental mechanism for masculine growth: the facing and overcoming of challenges. As our society removes more and more of these fundamental challenges, masculine development is increasingly stunted. Thus we face more and more problems resulting from immature and destructive masculinity such as increased violent crime and drug use, psycho mental disorders and depression, various health crisis such as cancer and heart disease, a widening gap in educational and professional achievement between the sexes.

Advaita Stoian is a researcher, physicist, scientist, and pioneer in combining modern science with esoteric techniques for mastering and untapping the full potential of the brain and consciousness. His international lectures on topics surrounding human consciousness are avidly attended by audiences interested in discovering the full potential of the human being. Advaita’s depth and breadth of knowledge and experience make this intimate lecture specifically for men a unique opportunity to learn from him closely the mechanisms of consciousness and utilizing that knowledge to create the life you were born to live.

In this group we will be having seminars, men's meetings and events. Join if you are interested in awakening your consciousness and your masculinity.

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Awakening Action: Willpower Training for Men

Natha Yoga Center


Natha Yoga Center

Awakening Virility: Lecture for Men

Natha Yoga Center

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