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What we’re about

Brian Tom O'Connor, author of "Awareness Games: Playing With your Mind to Create Joy" and "Awareness Adventures: Discovering Your True Nature" shows you playful ways of uncovering your infinite well of happiness and joy. 
From the co-host of Awareness Explorers podcast

This group meets once a month from 7 to 9 pm in Manhattan's Midtown East. Exact address will be given upon registering for an event. 
Cost: Pay What You Want
What are Awareness Games? Awareness Games are:
• A fresh approach to meditation and self-help, focusing on play instead of on work or effort. 
• Ways to play with your mind to point it towards the infinite well of happiness and joy that lies within each of us.
• Fun things to do with your mind that trigger spontaneous joy and happiness.
• Methods to notice pure awareness and discover the background of all experience, where happiness is hiding in plain sight.

Create more joy. Uncover the secret of happiness. Play Awareness Games.
About Brian: 

Brian Tom O'Connor is an actor, theater director, cabaret performer, and formerly depressed guy who stumbled onto the source of joy and happiness in the background of all experience. He is not an enlightened person, which, in fact, is a good thing, because if someone as, imperfect and flawed, as he is can find it, so can you.
You can learn more about Awareness Games at, and listen to interviews with me on The One You Feed and Craft of Charisma podcasts.
For further reading, please visit the Awareness Games website, at: