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ACIM: Study of the Text

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A Course in Miracles

Study of the Text

hosted by Reverend Jerry Cusimano

We will using the text from Course in Miracles Society (CIMS), known as the original edition.

This class is a deep study and discussion group using the Text. You will be able to take the gift of the Course to a personal level chapter by chapter. The beautiful and life changing message of A Course in Miracles unfolds for you by understanding the principles allowing you to grow spiritually and emotionally. This study promises to increase personal joy and make every aspect of your life a greater experience by helping you to recognize and give up anger and fear.

A Course in Miracles doesn’t ask you to believe or memorize. It only asks that you experience the results. In this informal environment you can ask questions and receive answers that promise to take you to a higher level of understanding life and your personal roll in it.


Welcome to A Place for Miracles, a non-denominational Christ centered church based on the teachings of Jesus as taught to us in "A Course in Miracles”.

We are here to support one another in awakening to our True Identity as God created it. In that awareness we are able to experience peace in the midst of seeming conflict, we can extend God’s Love to those in fear and we will walk this world as powerful instruments of the Holy Spirit – His miracle workers!

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