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Hey. Are you someone who is awesome, fun, goofy, genuine, and kind, but you find it impossible to meet people, because you have trouble with small talk, and you haven’t mastered the art of making friends?

Maybe you had a group of close friends who all moved away, and now you don’t know how to make more?

Maybe you are lonely for something to do, but the thought of talking to someone sounds way more terrifying than watching Netflix at home?

Maybe you’ve been to a few other meet ups but you were either left out of conversation or hit on?

This group is for you. We’re easy going, fun, a little zany, and very forgiving of most social faux pas. We respect boundaries, we are kind to each other, and we all come to the table curious about what the heck is going to happen next.

Channel yourself at 18, back when making friends was easy. Say yes to your inner voice telling you to put yourself out there. We’re a soft place to land.

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