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Ezra Schwartz: Axure Planning and Logistics

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Come join the Axure Users Meetup, Chicago in welcoming Ezra Schwartz, author of Axure RP 6 Prototyping Essentials ( and organizer of AxureWorld ( (! Ezra is a well known Axure enthusiast and Chicago-based consultant who will be sharing his best practices and lessons learned in integrating Axure in different process contexts. Seats are limited, so sign up early!

Session description:

This session is NOT for you if the following never happens in your projects: Requirements and scope constantly change. You are expected to deliver many more screens, details and hi-fidelity interactions than you thought - and in short order. You struggle to make sense of your rapidly mushrooming Axure file and all those interactions you created several weeks ago. You waited until the last moment to generate the UI Specs and suffer a mild anxiety attack looking at the output. The client decides to go Responsive on you, and is surprised you will not have something ready on Thursday. And so on.

Let's face it: Totally sane projects may be rare, but as Axure users we can take real steps to streamline our workload, reduce our stress and demonstrate our value.

This interactive workshop will get you stepping through the beaten path of a typical UX project, with unexpected stops at critical milestones that should inform how you plan, construct and maintain your Axure project. While this session is NOT a tutorial on how to do specific stuff in Axure, like raised events and such, it will help you approach and use Axure even smarter than you already do.

Note: Since this is an interactive session, we'll meet at 6:00 for snacks and networking. Ezra will start at 6:30, giving us time to eat beforehand.