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The intention of this group is to gather who ever feels the call to find existential answers; to understand who we really are, why are we in this planet as Human Beings, why of suffering, what happen when we die or drop the human body, and to open to the possibility of inner transformation by healing the mind, body and through spiritual connection, with the help of powerful master plants and entheogens like Ayahuasca, Wachuma / San Pedro, Bufo, Kambo, and more.

We believe in safe, responsible way, always in ceremonial setting of interacting with these master plants. Always with respect and preparation.

The entheogens can help humanity to transcend our upside down present human experience and bring one person at the time, into inner knowing, balance and transformation.

These medicines are not a solution to our human madness, they are powerful tools showing us, helping us to remember, helping us to connect, to know, to understand all and to bring clarity, health, connection, compassion, consciousness, forgiveness, awareness, knowing, and Love

It is a process, and is up to every human being to exercise our freedom of choice and do the inner work necessary to transform ourselves in the degree that we allow ourselves to do and be.

Preparation and screening of the person health – medications being taken is important and necessary when preparing to interact with the master plants and as well to follow a food diet for few days before and after the interaction.

We will have postings from time to time for ceremonies, integration circles, meet and greet events, so people can meet people whom already had the experience and people looking to find out more, to have the opportunity to meet and ask all the questions related to these Entheogens.

Entheogen meaning: “a chemical substance, typically of plant origin, that is ingested to produce a

non-ordinary state of consciousness for spiritual purposes”.

At any time please feel free to contact Marylou pinebreeze33@gmail.com

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