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***This is a Virtual 4x4 Group***
We are a bunch of friends who like Arizona back road trips. Most of us have Jeeps, but all 4X4's are welcome. We aim to plan well-communicated and organized trail runs throughout Arizona. Depending on the trail we may limit the number of rigs and MAY "recommend" minimum vehicle specifications for certain trails in order to keep runs manageable, safe, and fun. Trips may include camping, kayaking, and night runs just to name a few. Hope to meet you out on the trail!

***If you not been appointed/designated as an "Organizer" for AzJeeperz you cannot use this site as a means to organize a Non-AzJeeperz approved event.***

Since this is a Virtual club, there are no real rules, however there are certain guidelines:

1. When on the trail always remember to T.R.E.A.D. Lightly ( http://treadlightly.org/ )!
*Travel and recreate with minimal impact.
*Respect the environment and the rights of others.
*Educate yourself, plan and prepare before you go.
*Allow for future use of the outdoors, leave it better than you found it.
*Discover the rewards of responsible recreation.

2. Don't drink and drive. A cold one at the end of the trail is perfectly acceptable. Getting smashed while driving down the trail only gives 4 wheelers a bad reputation.

3. Please provide your First and Last name in your profile. You may also use both partners first names and a last name as well.

AzJeeperz Legal Information:

Trail Runs/Trip Reports:
By participating in trail runs planned through AzJeeperz, you are permitting the use of your name, nickname, and any photos taken of your person or vehicle during the run to be used in conjunction with associated trip reports. You must make it known to the group at the beginning of each trail run if you do not wish for your name, nickname, person or vehicle used in any text or photos.

Disclaimer & Assumption of Risk/Liability:
AzJeeperz, is a non-established, not for profit, nonofficial club. AzJeeperz is simply a collaboration of individuals sharing a common interest. AzJeeperz and it's members cannot be held accountable for the actions of any member of the Jeeperz. Off roading, like all sports have inherent risks and dangers. All participants (on behalf of him or herself and his/her minor children) are responsible for their own safety during events, voluntarily accepts any and all risks of injury, harm, medical conditions, or property damage, assumes all liabilities, and waives any and all damages against AzJeeperz (including its organizers, hosts, and members).

Upcoming events (2)

Desoto Mine and Beyond


Explore Desoto Mine area and continue West. Minimum requirements 33" Tires, front and rear recovery points, good spare, one locking differential (electrical, pneumatic, limited slip, etc...) Bring plenty of food, water and whatever else you need to be completely self sufficient on the trail. Requirements may change after the pre-run

Crapshoot Clockwise


Plan on running Crapshoot backwards. This is a short trail, depending on how many show up we might add another trail to the end to make a full day of trail riding/exploring. Minimum requirements: 33" Tires, front and rear recovery points, good working spare tire, should not need lockers but always helps. Bring plenty of water, food and everything else to be self sufficient on the trails.

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