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Celebration! Julibilation! Emancipation! Exhilaration! RAW Food in Phoenix, AZ! Welcome to Az RAW Food!

As a 100% non-profit RAW Food social organization in Phoenix, AZ, we sponsor a wide variety of fun-filled and exotic events related to Fun, RAW Food, and to living life to the absolute fullest in Phoenix, AZ! And as a non-profit, we're an all-inclusive group, so virtually all of our RAW Food events in Phoenix, AZ are 100% FREE to attend, and everyone - regardless of their lifestyle - is welcome to attend our RAW Food events right here in Phoenix, AZ with open arms!

When you join us here in Phoenix, AZ for RAW Food treats you'll sink your teeth into the juiciest, most mouth-watering and succulent food on the planet! Savor the toe-curling RAW Food pleasure of dining on morsels that are absolutely bursting with flavor and dripping with gustatory delight right here in Phoenix, AZ. Indulge in new experiences and taste sensations that will tickle your taste buds and thrill you with sumptuous passion. Soak in the aromas as they waft through your nostrils from the world's freshest food. Have fun with us in Phoenix, AZ and enjoy the most flavor-packed, health-promoting RAW food on Earth!

And any Az RAW Food group member can schedule any social event, 24/7/365! Just join the group and post your event on the Az RAW Food website where it says "+ Schedule a New Meetup" and start typing typing the details of your event. Please note that all Az RAW food events are Vegan. Feel free to join Az RAW food today!

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Super-Special Event: Vegan Comedy Night at Urban Beans in Phoenix!

Join us on the spacious and palatious patio at Urban Beans in central Phoenix on Saturday, October 24th, starting at 5:30pm for a night of a treasure trove of savory Vegan flavors and sidesplitting humor! Since laughter is the shortest distance between two people, Urban Beans has invited local comedians to perform for us under the stars in a delightful evening of “Women and Comedy.” We'll be taking in the sights of each taste-tempting Urban Beans' Vegan creation of poetry on a plate; and soaking up a kaleidoscope of aromas that bathe your nostrils like the smell of freshly-baked cookies; and we'll be thrilling our taste buds with each delightful morsel of culinary ecstasy. We’ll also be feeling wide smiles spread across our faces, as happy as a wave dancing on the sea, as we let nothing but positive energy flow through us. And we’ll be building a footbridge to others, by making new friends as gentle as surf on a sandy shore; that brings out the best in each of us, and is as rousing as the sound of a bugle! So, turn up the wattage on your smile, sit on top of the world, and join us for a rainbow of colors and flavors, as well as uproarious laughter, on the glorious patio at Urban Beans! Urban Beans has a Vegan menu with everything but the lasagna noodles made in-house. This event will feature a unique Vegan and Raw Vegan menu prepared especially for this event. Urban also has fine coffees and TASTY smoothies, as well as local beers on tap, wine, and cocktails. The cost to attend is FREE! Though food and drink is available at regular, relatively inexpensive menu prices.

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The World's Best RAW Food Potluck on the West Side!

First Arabic Baptist Church

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