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Bringing DevOps to SQL Development with Red-Gate SQL Change Automation
Register Here: Learn how to apply common DevOps principals of version control, continuous integration, and continuous deployment to your database development. In this presentation, we will show how to integrate Red-Gate’s SQL Source Control and SQL Change Automation products to create Azure DevOps pipelines to take schema, data, and migrations from development to production in a consistent, secure, and reliable model. Speaker: Paul Ballard Paul Ballard is a software architect and technologist with more than 30 years of experience leading teams and building software for small and large companies around the globe. From award-winning enterprise-grade systems to mobile and cloud-based solutions, he’s led teams in building the software that powers some of the best organizations in the world. Paul is also an avid supporter of the developer community and is a frequent speaker at technical conferences as well as local user groups. A former Microsoft MVP, he’s also a published author of articles for major technical journals and on developer sites across the web.

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This group is for software professionals working on the Microsoft platform who wish to explore, implement, and learn DevOps. This group embraces cloud and as such will bring in the best presenters for each topic while live streaming all content. This group recognizes the technical practices included in the DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Bebois, and John Willis. We encourage members to read this book. From a technology perspective, we seek to implement these practices on Visual Studio-based software, leveraging VSTS, and running on Azure or on Windows servers anywhere.

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