Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 - Copenhagen

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Again this year the worldwide event Global Azure Bootcamp is organized, and once again we are onboard to give you a great day. Also again this year we are kicking off the event in both Copenhagen and Århus.

We plan to focus on content that gives you real world experiences, from the people who work with Azure, and are willing to share their experiences. This also means you can share your stories and challenges, if you want to of course. No need to be an experienced speaker, this is very low-key and we only ask that the content is focused on Azure and that you want to spend 10-15 minutes on sharing it with everyone - longer sessions are welcome too.
Your presentation can be about ANYTHING you have done with Azure; some cool automated solution, a new way to monitor applications, your approach to governance, how you protect identities, and much much more.
Please check out our Sessionize page to submit your ideas:

As part of the presentations, we would like to encourage everyone to take part in discussions around design etc. This way everyone can learn from eachother.

We also plan to do whiteboard sessions in smaller groups, where a specific scenario can be discussed, to come up with a solution based on Azure services.

The most important thing is that everyone has an awesome day with new learnings and relationships. This is why we would like to hear from you, how you build your solutions, and if you have any suggestions for the day.

We will soon be able to provide more details about the event, the content and so on.


9:00 - Doors Open

Session 1 - Ups and Downs with Cosmos DB
Niels Brinch
Manager of Product Development, ProActive A/S

Cosmos DB seemed to be the ultimate answer to scalability, until it wasn't - but there are solutions to make it live up to the expectations we have of it.

Session 2 – Azure IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service
Rasmus Wätjen
Cloud Architect at Widex

A short intro to how devices/clients can connect to Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service and be configured to communicate with an Azure IoT Hub.

Session 3 – Azure Automation – Form Generator
Morten Meisler
CTGlobal, Senior Consultant / Developer

Ease the process of manually triggering Azure Automation Runbooks. A community-based Self-Service solution for automatically retrieve and translate your runbook script to input form fields.


Session 4 – Lesson learned from building the Lets Encrypt site-extension for Azure Web Apps
Simon J.K. Pedersen
Azure developer+architect and creator of the LetsEncrypt-SiteExtension

In this section I will talk about some useful patterns that I have came across over time while I have extended the Lets Encrypt site extension as people have been in many different scenarios.

It will cover azure web apps deployment patterns with ARM templates, azure functions vs azure web jobs for job orchestration, ACI for orchestration of longer running jobs, and how to utilize KeyVault for application secrets.

Session 5 – Azure opportunities with the Power Platform
David Yack
Microsoft MVP and Regional Director

Fast pace overview of leveraging Azure services (Functions,CosmosDB, Service Bus etc. ) with Microsoft Power Platform