Workshop: Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi


This is a free-to-attend workshop by Pulumi hosted by Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen. If you don't know what is Pulumi ( yet then this is your chance to go hands-on through this 3-hour workshop.

Infrastructure as Code Workshop
This workshop teaches you Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts through a series of hands-on labs. Topics covered include IaC fundamentals, in addition to application architectures, and how to use IaC to create, update, and manage them. Throughout the labs, you are going to learn Pulumi as the IaC provisioning tool.

Topics covered:
- A tour of infrastructure as code concepts
- Getting started with Azure and Pulumi
- The workflow of a typical IaC project
- (optional) Provisioning Virtual Machines
- (optional) Deploying Containers to Azure Container Instances (ACI)
- (optional) Using Azure Functions for Serverless Applications
- (optional) Deploying Containers to a Kubernetes Cluster

The last four parts are of "choose your own adventure" nature, where attendees can pick one or more usage scenarios.

This workshop uses Azure, although most concepts are applicable no matter what cloud provider you are using. C# is the coding language.

- Own laptop (Windows/macOS/Linux)
- Basic C# skills
- An Azure subscription (a free trial is good enough)
- .NET Core SDK 3.0+
- Editor or IDE (e.g., Visual Studio/Rider/Code)
- Docker (optional - for the ACI and Kubernetes labs)
- Kubectl CLI (optional - for the Kubernetes lab)
- Pulumi (

** Instructor **
Mikhail Shilkov is a software developer at Pulumi, enabling developers and operators to work better together. Mikhail is a Microsoft Azure MVP, a Russian expat living in the Netherlands. He is passionate about the serverless mindset, leveraging the full variety of managed cloud services, and handling cloud infrastructure as code.

You can find his blog at

This workshop is kindly hosted by Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen at Microsoft's offices in Lyngby.

** Practical info **

If you come by car, you can use the Microsoft reserved parking spots (17) free of charge, remember to register at arrival. In case of full occupancy, guests are referred to use public parking options in the area nearby, e.g. Lyngby Storcenter - first hour free – cost per additional hour. Also note that you can often find free 3-hour parking on Firskovvej (a side street to Klampenborgvej).

Guests arriving on bicycle will find bike stands outside the building.

** Lunch **

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen sponsors lunch, which starts at 11:30. The workshop will start at 12:00, so do finish your lunch before.