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Cloud computing is already a multi-billion dollar business for Microsoft, and yet Azure is just now hitting its stride. Perhaps you're a long-time MS stack developer wondering "where do I go from here?" Maybe you're a seasoned dev manager or director curious how cloud in general and Azure in particular might fit into your next project. If you're looking for the future of Microsoft on the server and in the enterprise... you've found it! This group caters to all things Microsoft Azure and cloud computing. We'll explore a range of topics in three key areas (in likely order of decreasing frequency):

1. Nuts-and-bolts Azure dev tools, APIs, features, etc... "how to accomplish in Azure"

2. Higher-level topics on cloud computing patterns, architectural best practices, data access strategies, etc. with a focus on applying these in the Microsoft Azure environment

3. Business-oriented topics like cloud economic and pricing models, cloud migration strategies, legal and compliance implications of the cloud, etc.

Ultimately our topic list is determined by the interests of the group members. We meet monthly and vary meeting formats as needed; mostly a 30 minute meet-and-greet followed by a 60-90 minute presentation, but some months we'll do two smaller presentations, we'll even try multiple 15 minute lightning talks if we have sufficient interest. We'll keep things relatively informal... as long as the sessions are relevant and engaging for the audience, that's what matters most. Hope you'll come out and join us!

Please note that all activities hosted by the Azure in the ATL user group are governed by its Code of Conduct, available at https://www.meetup.com/Azure-in-the-ATL/pages/29888457/Code_of_Conduct/

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Monthly Meetup - Top 10 Sins of Cloud Misconfigurations with Joey Merz

7PM - 8PM: Presentation - Top 10 Sins of Cloud Misconfigurations with Joey Merz
Cloud misconfiguration can be defined as any errors, glitches or gaps in your cloud environment that can leave you exposed to risk. This cloud security risk could come in the form of data breaches, cloud breaches, insider threats or external bad actors who leverage vulnerabilities to gain access to your network. We will discuss the most frequent and highest risk Cloud Misconfigurations.

During this webinar Orca’s Senior Security Engineer Joey Merz will discuss:
• Common causes of Cloud Misconfigurations
• The major categories that make up Cloud Misconfiguration
• Orca detected Misconfigurations, the frequency and risk
• How to prevent Cloud Misconfigurations
• How CNAPP can help

NOTE: You do not need a Teams account to use Microsoft Teams for these meetups. Please see the link below for instructions on how to join a meeting without a Teams account:

Joey Merz is a seasoned technologist and leader. Joey’s career started in networking and operations where he played a significant role in the early growth of Match.com. After Match.com, Joey went back to his true calling in sales. Over the last two decades Joey has worked as a Sales Engineer in many tech startups across a multitude of technologies including SaaS, Cloud and numerous areas of security. The culmination of technical as well as startup experience ultimately brought him to Orca Security.

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