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The Dublin's Azure Meetup is just a great place to discuss anything Azure related. You are welcome if you are a developer, or an architect, or an SRE. Or if you are a DevOps guy, or a data scientist or an IT professional of any type or experience level. And yes, you too Linux lovers! Everyone is welcome on Azure!

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IoT Series - Overview of IoT Services

Online event

On this session we will become familiar with the Azure IoT services, what are the elements to build a development environment and how to connect a device with Azure IoT Hub, taking the first steps on this journey of becoming an Azure IoT Developer. Agenda: - Exploring Azure IoT Hub and IoT Device Provisioning Service - Setup a Development Environment - Raspberry Pi simulator - Connect a device with Azure IoT Hub - Quiz

Blockchain Series - Introduction to Blockchain and Blockchain on Azure

An introduction to Blockchain technology as well as an overview of how to implement Blockchain applications and deploy them to Azure.

IoT Series - Connecting IoT device to Azure

Online event

On this session, we will explore registering an IoT device to Azure IoT Hub, how to run a pre-built simulated device and check the telemetry sent by this device like; temperature and humidity sensors. Agenda: - Register a Device in Azure IoT Hub - Configure and run a pre-built Simulated Device written in C# to connect to Azure IoT Hub - Verify the device telemetry - Quiz

Blockchain Series - Quorum on Azure Blockchain

Online event

An introduction to Quorum Blockchain and how to develop and deploy Quorum Apps to Azure.

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