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Azure Durable Task Framework with Travis Stokes
Connecting the Dots: Using the Durable Task Framework to Simplify Asynchronous Services Microsoft’s Durable Task Framework is an exciting new way to manage cloud based asynchronous processing. Previously, attempts at coordinating parallel tasks or multi-step asynchronous workflows was a major pain that involved setting up various queues, orchestration logic, load balancing, event management, status checking, and a whole host of other plumbing. The Durable Task Framework aims to abstract a lot of these hassles and simplify many common asynchronous patterns like fan-out/fan-in, function chaining, and event based workflows. In this talk, we’ll cover the basic components of the Durable Task Framework, how they interact with the existing Azure Functions framework, and how the framework can be leveraged, with surprisingly little code, to easily implement some of these common patterns. By the end of the presentation, participants will know how to create and invoke orchestration and activity functions, implement fan-in/fan-out and function chaining patterns, and utilize status response generation to easily enable status monitoring and event invocation.

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