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Ladies, are you ready to create results in a whole new way. Call it innovative training or just good ole’ boot camp for your mind, body, and soul.

With life speeding up, how do you slow down long enough to make sure you're creating the kind of life that you really love? By joining us December 1st to take the time to do so.

Why B. Camp? Why now? Because nowhere else in Cincinnati can you find a process, an environment, and a collection of coaches who are coming together on 12/1 to use a circuit to draw out YOUR VERY BEST. This process is rooted in principles that help you gain clarity around what YOU WOULD LOVE in life and business.

If you’re up for that, sign up today and think of it as a starting point, not a silver bullet. B. Camp kicks off with a 4-hour workshop, then takes you through the month of December with practical support to help you implement what you just learned. It can be that simple if willing to be open to it. Are you ready to find out what you really want and step into more joy, fulfillment, health, and freedom?

Sign up here >>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/b-camp-mind-body-soul-tickets-52234482744

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