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Volumetric Filmmaking in Unity

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Most people are familiar with the iconic shot from the Matrix where Trinity jumps in the air, starts to kick some AI agents, time freezes, the camera spins around Trinity, then time resumes as she continues to kick butt! That sort of shot was insanely difficult to pull off back in the day. With volumetric film capture technology, one could achieve that shot much more easily and have more flexibility to manipulate the captured footage.

This month at BUG, Elliott Mitchell will present a high level overview of volumetric capture, photogrammetry and filmmaking for use in Unity. Elliott will give an overview of tools, use cases, recent volumetric films and give a live demonstration capturing volumetric data with a Kinect and Depthkit. Elliott will also touch upon a few systems in Unity that relate to ingesting, processing, sequencing, optimizing and outputting volumetric data such as Timeline, Cinemachine, Unity Recorder and more.

Elliott Mitchell (Co-Founder Vermont Digital Arts & Boston Unity Group) has been working in the digital arts since 1995 and as a Unity artist / developer since 2008. Although Elliott's interests extend beyond mobile game development, he recently released Waggle Words on iOS, which reached the number 3 spot for Paid Word Games on the App Store. Elliott's true passion is working with VR, volumetric filmmaking and AR. Some of Elliott's recent notable projects are: The Last Supper (Volumetric fashion film for Rag and Bone with an original soundtrack by Thom Yorke), ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL - PASSPORT TO IRON CITY (a fully immersive, interactive experience leading up to the premiere of the Alita: Battle Angel film), Bjork Digital (A VR music / art piece for Bjork's traveling VR art show based on her Vulnicura album), The Hillman Project : Styles and Customs of the 2020s (VR fine art installation at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Hall of Architecture) and Dreaming the Sphinx (AR archeological museum exhibit at the Harvard Semitic Museum).

We’ll be meeting on Wednesday, February 27th from 6:30PM to 9PM at the CIC Cambridge Venture Cafe (5th floor), 1 Broadway, Cambridge.

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Thanks to our sponsors! Unity and The CIC Cambridge are generously sponsoring our meetup this month.

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See you there!
- Graham & Elliott